Q & A With Shagari Alleyne

Shagari Alleyne has his poker face on. The 7-2 center from Manhattan's Rice High is doing his best to keep a lid on what his recruitment looks like.

Q&A With Shagari Alleyne

TheInsidersHoops.com had a chance to speak with Shagari Alleyne on Thursday. Here are some excerpts from the discussion.

TheInsidersHoops: How's the recruiting situation going? Is it starting to settle down?

Shagari: "It's not going bad I think I have it under control. [In the beginning] I was new to it, now I get a gist of where these coaches are going. I can handle it now."

TheInsidersHoops: OK, so what's a current list look like?

Shagari: "I don't have a list right now. I'm just looking for the right situation."

TheInsidersHoops: OK, so who is recruiting you the hardest?

Shagari: "The Big East, SEC, Conference USA. I'm wide open."

TheInsidersHoops: There's a lot of talk about Kentucky

Shagari: "If they offer and they have the right program, anything can happen but I'm wide open right now."

TheInsidersHoops: What about Louisville?

Shagari: "I haven't spoken to Louisville in a while. I'm wide open right now. [The last time we spoke] was a while ago but I think I'm going to touch base with them in the next week or so."

TheInsidersHoops: Anyone getting visits?

Shagari: "As of right now, I have to really look into that. I'm not really sure."

TheInsidersHoops: If I'm a college coach, what do I need to do to successfully recruit Shagari Alleyne?

Shagari: "Surround me with players that want to win and know how to play team basketball."

TheInsidersHoops: What's the funniest thing that happened in your recruitment?

Shagari: "Seton Hall sent me a poster with me in my Rice uniform. It said ‘Wanted.'"

TheInsidersHoops: Is it hanging on your wall yet?

Shagari: "I haven't gotten a frame for it yet."

TheInsidersHoops: Is it frustrating playing high school basketball against guys that are smaller than you? I know sometimes big kids can't wait to get to college to play against kids their own size.

Shagari: "Actually, it helps me because I get to guard guys smaller than me. When I get to the big guys I feel more comfortable, more versatile."

TheInsidersHoops: Who's the best player in New York this year?

Shagari: "Without being cocky, I think I am."

TheInsidersHoops: Who would be next?

Shagari: "I would say either Chris Taft or Ramel Bradley."

TheInsidersHoops: How about an underrated kid from New York?

Shagari: "Louie McCroskey. I know he's under many people's shadows. He's a pretty good player. He can shoot, dribble and take it to the basket. I like his game."

TheInsidersHoops: What's your timetable for a decision?

Shagari: "Late September, early October."

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