2010 Standout Makes Pledge

Dwayne Polee Jr. has yet to suit up for a high school basketball game, but the Westchester High (Calif.) 6-foot-6 freshman forward has already make a decision on his college whereabouts. Polee committed on Tuesday.

Dwayne Polee Jr. committed to USC on Tuesday. That doesn't sound like much of a story, except when you figure that the 6-foot-6 forward has yet to play a high school basketball game.

Polee is a freshman at Westchester High and is expected to start this season for one of the best programs in the entire country.

``I'm very excited," Polee Jr. said. "My dad was supposed to go there (USC). They just built a new arena and I was there today (Tuesday). Coach Floyd is a real nice guy and I wanted to stay close to home."

While some will assume that Polee's commitment may not last for the next three-plus years until he is allowed to sign a letter-of-intent to play for Tim Floyd and the Trojans, the 14-year-old and his parents are nearly certain.

``We're excited," said Polee's father, Duane, who played for UNLV and Pepperdine when he was in college. "He really wanted to stay at home and USC is a good fit for him. He feels very comfortable with Tim Floyd."

Polee is a skilled forward who will likely grow a few more inches. His father was a third-round draft pick by the Clippers back in 1986.

``He's only 14, but Dwayne knows what he wants," said Yolanda Polee, Dwayne's mother. "He likes the education USC has to offer and we've always talked to him about education and being focused."

``Being at home and being at a school like USC, he'll stay focused," she added. "If he needs us, we're right here."

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