Back in the Woods

Kraidon Woods has been a committed man for more than two years. The athletic 6-foot-8 1/2 forward pledged to Villanova back in 2004, but now he's decided to re-open his recruitment and plenty of schools have already tried to get involved.

It was a mutual parting of ways with no hard feelings. Kraidon Woods has decided to re-open his recruitment after committing to Villanova more than two years ago.

The athletic 6-foot-8 ½, Woods ``They have been extremely honest and positive," Hill coach Seth Eilberg said. "The reality is that Kraidon can still sign there in November and he realistically still might, but he's made a very mature decision to explore other options."

Part of the reason is that Villanova has a log-jam up front – and that Jay Wright's program will be guard-heavy again next year with Cory Fisher, Corey Stokes and Malcolm Grant coming in.

The Wildcats will lose senior Will Sheridan after the season, but Dante Cunningham will be a junior and Antonio Pena, Andrew Ott, Shane Clark and Casiem Drummond will all be sophomores when Woods arrives on campus. ``He thought long-term about where he'd have an opportunity to have the best college experience," Eilberg said. "Kraidon doesn't necessary believe this is absolutely the best situation for him to develop as a player."

Eilberg said that word has circulated about Woods' decision to explore other options and while he's already fielded plenty of phone calls, Woods and his family have already progressed in their search.

Woods will head to Arizona State next weekend and is also in the process of setting up a trip to Virginia Tech. Florida, St. John's, Temple, La Salle, St. Joseph's and Rhode Island have all expressed varying degrees of interest.

``He's really improved tremendously since he got here," Eilberg said. "Especially with his skill set and strength. He's an excellent perimeter defender."

``He's also a wonderful kid and a good student who works hard," added Eilberg. ``He'd like to make a decision in the early signing period if possible."

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