Change of Scenery For Von

Lisbon (LA) Pineview small forward Vakeaton Wafer, the spring and summer sensation, is about to locate to some new surroundings. He'll complete his high school career at another school.

Heritage Christian or Laurinburg

The tiny town of Lisbon, La., is about to lose its most famous basketball player. Pineview small forward Vakeaton Wafer, the same Vakeaton Wafer that burst onto the scene at the Kingwood Classic, is switching high schools.

"We're going to try and get him somewhere," Ray Johnson, Wafer's father said. "It's going to be in either Texas or North Carolina." Johnson said that it'll be Heritage Christian or Laurinburg Academy.

So, why's is Lisbon's finest relocating? "For the competition and so they can get him more core credits," Johnson said. Often times kids switch high schools for their senior year as they seek to enroll in more core credit classes than their present school will allow. Prep schools afford prospects the luxury of loading up on core classes.

Wafer was going to take an unofficial visit to Arkansas in the near future, but that's been put on hold until he can find a new high school home. Classes at Pineview begin on Wednesday, but not for Wafer. "It definitely won't be at Pineview," Johnson said.

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