Pickett Now Sitting On The Fence

Rico Pickett is having second thoughts. The Decatur (Ala.) High standout, according to his father, can't come to final grips with his college decision.

If you're an Alabama fan you have two choices: somewhat good news or bad news first?

OK, the bad news. From the Class of 2007, 10 Top 100 players de-committed from their original school. On Monday, Rico Pickett, an Alabama pledge, became the 11th.

The somewhat good news is a pair of those players re-committed to their original programs. However, that rarely is the case the second time around and the percentages are not in the favor of the original school, at least the recent numbers point that way.

Now, the two players who returned to their original schools were in-state players (like Pickett) who looked around and then eventually returned to their home turf.

"Rico de-committed from Alabama," Rico Pickett Sr., told Scout.com. "He wants to make sure that's where he wants to go and he didn't want to wait until the deadline to get cold feet. He's been wrasslin' with it the whole weekend and all through last week. I decided to let him go on and do it."

Pickett's father, who supported the Alabama decision and counseled his son to remain with the Tide, indicated that his son could not ease his mind and had to look around before it was too late.

"He had a great official visit, he's just getting cold feet to be honest with you." – Rico Pickett, Sr.
"What he tells me is that he wants to make sure there is no other team out there for him. Right now he's 85% sure there's no other team out there but he wants to make sure."

And how is ‘Bama handling the news? "Naturally they don't want him to (de-commit) but they said ‘OK, if that's what you want to do'."

Typically, in a situation like their two things happen: 1) the school fights hard to keep the commitment (see Michigan, Arizona for examples) or 2) the parties part ways (see Wallace/UVa).

Rico's father indicated that Alabama is going to remain in the hunt. "They will still recruit him. Hopefully he'll sign with them in April. They're still his No. 1 choice, he wants to be sure.

"He wants to make sure he's sure. If it was up to me he wouldn't de-commit. He's concrete and that's what he wants to do. Sometimes kids have to find out the hard way where they're at and where they need to be."

Monday is the first day the news will be out there that Pickett is available. Rated by Scout.com as the No. 59 prospect in the country and No. 9 point guard overall, Pickett will have options. Expect high-major programs needing backcourt assistance to confirm the news and get involved.

Alabama is going to have a fight on its hands to keep the scoring lead guard but the family said they will have a shot and dad went out of his way to indicate they remain No. 1 on his list. However, the percentages won't be in their favor.

Top 100 De-Commits

Destination/Original Commit

  • Eric Gordon Indiana/Illinois
  • Alex Legion Michigan/Michigan
  • Michael Beasley Charlotte/Kansas State
  • Jerryd Bayless Arizona/Arizona
  • Herb Pope Pittsburgh/undecided
  • Taylor King UCLA/Duke
  • Chris Wright N.C. State/Georgetown
  • Jeff Jones Maryland/Virginia
  • Rico Pickett Alabama/undecided
  • Martavius Adams Georgia/undecided
  • Eric Wallace Virginia/undecided

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