Hobson Not Thinking Recruiting

Darrington Hobson has always worried about his recruitment. However, the versatile 6-foot-7, 190-pound Hobson is now putting that off to the side and instead, he's concentrating on academics and qualifying for college.

Darrington Hobson isn't concerned about recruiting right now. His focus is on Nov. 4.

That's the date that the well-traveled 6-foot-7, 190-pound Hobson, who is a once-committed Wyoming Cowboy, will take the test and try to qualify academically for college.

Hobson realizes the academics are what's holding him back.

Hobson spent last season at a prep school in California, but landed at Decatur Christian (Ill.) this season.

``I like it," Hobson said. "I like the coach – he understands how I play and lets me do my thing."

Hobson's thing is a little bit of everything. For his size, he handles the ball well. He gets to the basket, can make his teammates better – and his perimeter shot has improved.

``I know schools have been calling my coach, but right now I'm not thinking about recruiting at all," Hobson said. "I just want to do well on the SAT this weekend and I haven't been talking to any schools."

Hobson said he needs to raise his test score and get a trio of core classes to qualify.

``It's my fault I'm in this position, but I'm going to make it," he said. "Academics are my number one thing right now. I'm not even thinking about recruiting."

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