Q & A: Michael Beasley

Michael Beasley is set to become the highest-rated player of the Bob Huggins Era next week. Despite a constant smattering of rumor and innuendo about his future, Beasley set the record straight with Scout.com.

Scout.com's No. 5 prospect, Michael Beasley, is headed to Kansas State. Don't believe him? Well, on Thursday Beasley spoke about his upcoming signing and what the future of Kansas State basketball has to offer.

There's no doubt: Michael Beasley is a Wildcat and here's what he thinks about picking a program that is clearly about to make waves in the Big 12 and nationally.

Beasley Q & A

Set The Record Straight; You Signing Next Week?

"I think everybody knows what's going to happen next Wednesday. I'm signing the papers with Kansas State. I'm real excited about that."

What Will You Do On Signing Day?

"I'm having a press conference. I'd like to do a Sebastian thing but I'm making the best of my situation and hopefully I can look forward to a camera or two. It's going to be special for me."

Why Kansas State?

"First of all, I knew Dalonte Hill (K-State assistant) since I was young. I look at him like an older brother and I trust everything that he says. He won't steer me in the wrong direction and my family helped me with this decision. The basketball team ain't the best but we plan to turn it around."

We Hear The Fans Were Great To You

"What really pulled me in was the fans. They are Marshall County times 10. They're all about the basketball team."

Where Is This Program Headed?

"Next year in 2007-08 the basketball team is headed for the national tournament. Somewhere in that direction; the Final Four at least. We're going to go out and win it."

What Are Your Thoughts On Huggins?

"Bob Huggins, there's no worries there. He's one of the best in terms of winning records in history. He's a hard-nosed coach. He doesn't care who you are. You have to go there and play hard."

Why Are You Such A Lightning Rod For Rumors?

"I guess because I'm one of the top basketball players and I'm a kid. I'm not one to clear up rumors too fast. I think people want to start rumors to get me out of Kansas State to get me to their schools. I'm not saying the coaches start them but I think people start rumors to get a little more publicity for their school."

Talk About K-State's Recruiting Class

"Me, Bill Walker, Dominique Sutton, hopefully O.J. Mayo and Jacob Pullen. That right there is enough. Then with the players that we already got like David Hoskins and Jason Bennett it would be very hard for us to lose if we play hard every game."

Can K-State Really Get O.J.?

"I don't even know. O.J. is one of my good friends but he's his own person. If he comes I'd love to have him but if he doesn't we'll still be on top."

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