All-Ohio Due Will Remain Intact

Package deals hardly ever work out. For every Eddie Griffin, Andre Barrett and Marcus Toney-El, there's a Darius Miles and Omar Cook. Something usually gets in the way and prevents it from happening. That's not the case with this All-Ohio pair.

Five Visits Set

Columbus (OH) Brookhaven and All-Ohio dynamic duo Andrew Lavender and Brandon Foust are a package deal. No, seriously. They are going to college together. Bank on it.

For those who still might have their doubts, we offer the following list of five schools. Each school is bringing the players in together for their official visits.

"People still call about one or the other," Brookhaven coach Bruce Howard said. "They are definitely going together."

Apparently, the pair will visit Pittsburgh the weekend of August 30. Next up will be Clemson the weekend of Sept. 5, followed by Oklahoma the weekend of Sept. 13. Marquette bats fourth with the Sept. 20 trip and Mississippi goes 5th on Oct. 5.

It's not out of the realm of possibility that a decision is reached prior to the completion of the visits, but the plan right now is to take all five trips.

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