Almond Schedules Four Officials

Morris Almond, a small forward with the Georgia Stars, has a number of official visits scheduled. In fact, the plan is to visit five and then decide early in the fall.

Almond Will Go Through Process

Rare are the days when a prospect decides to go through the entire recruiting process and take all five of his visits. Nowadays, kids are deciding – in some cases – without ever having seen the school. Powder Springs (GA) McEachern's Morris Almond won't be one of those guys.

"He was thinking the process was going to be easy," Willie Almond, Morris' father said. "After the Peach Jam and Orlando, some new schools came up and now his decision is becoming more difficult

Right now, Almond rests at six schools: Tulane, Rice, Notre Dame, Indiana, Yale and Virginia. "What our criteria is for scheduling a visit is that the head coach has indicated that there is a scholarship on the table," Willie Almond said. "Yale is different because they don't offer athletic scholarships."

With that said, Almond has set up four trips already: Tulane (9/6), Notre Dame (9/13), Rice (9/20) and Virginia (10/11). Willie Almond said the Virginia date was scheduled when Pete Gillen was out of town and they have yet to hear the head coach say there's an offer, but regardless a date was established.

Indiana's interest in Almond came after July. "Coach Davis called himself. I think that Coach Davis was one of the first coaches to call soon after we returned from Orlando." Basically, either Yale or Indiana is going to get that last official visit slot.

Almond's father will encourage him to stay the course and make all of the scheduled visits. "His timeline is to narrow it down and to make visits in September and October and make a decision in November."

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