Clark Sits Out Early Period

Gary Clark is back on the market and looking around. Who's interested? What's his plan? The shooting guard tells that he's evaluating everything.

Gary Clark used to be a member of the Florida Gators recruiting class. He's not anymore. The Montverde (Fla.) Montverde standout wing de-committed from the Gators last month.

Clark, a 6-foot-3 shooting guard, has no intention of signing this week. He's in no particular rush and he's simply sitting back, taking his time and working on advancing his game.

"Everyday I wake up it's a new day to work hard," Clark said. "I'm not really committed and it's a new lease. I'm just trying to work hard the next day."

And speaking of the next day or in this case, the next stop. As the season unwinds expect interest in him to mount. According to his father, a handful of parties are already indicating they have an interest.

"Gary's going to wait until the spring," Clark's father said. "All the schools that he's looking at – Virginia Tech, Arkansas, Vanderbilt ... I don't know, honestly we're going to get together and come up with 5 that he's interested in. I know he's interested in Virginia Tech, Arkansas and Vanderbilt. The other ones I don't know."

The shooting guard said that recently Oklahoma and Clemson checked his status. Clearly, the possibility of adding more schools to the list exists. It all depends on who shows a sincere interest as things progress.

"You can't please everybody," Clark said. "You have to work hard and get better and please the coaches you play for at the moment. You have to keep your head up and please yourself and your coach.

"I have to do my research now more so than ever. I'm kind of behind the 8-ball right now. I've got to look at rosters."

Scratch Clark's name down on a very short list of talented players who will allow the fall signing day to come and go.

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