Lucas Doesn't Beat The Buzzer

Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kentucky and Maryland won't be playing beat the buzzer with a Top 50 prospect tomorrow. Jai Lucas isn't ready.

Jai Lucas just guaranteed that the Class of 2007 will have a spring subplot … another one. Lucas, one of's highest-rated point guard prospects, informed the interested parties that he's waiting until the spring to make any decision.

The final day of the early signing period will come and go on Wednesday and Lucas will sit back, prepared to wait it out until the spring. As the highest-rated point guard remaining behind O.J. Mayo's he's holding all the cards. What he's not doing is holding schools hostage.

Lucas wouldn't necessarily have waited if it meant leaving the interested parties shorthanded.

"I didn't have an idea of where I really wanted to go," Lucas said. "The main thing is that all the schools that are recruiting me have young guards there so no one pressured me into needing me. They wanted me to get it over with but it won't hurt them if I wait to decide because they already have somebody there."

Would he have waited if the schools truly needed him? "I'd feel worse about waiting but with them having some capable of running the point guard position I can sleep at night," Lucas said.

How much sleep he'll get is debatable. This kid is a junkie; he watches everything and he intends to get after it when it comes to evaluating the teams on his list. "To me, the guys they have might not be pure point guards that can bring what I bring to the table. I think I can impact any of the schools on my list I just feel like I need to see at what schools I can be the biggest impact."

Some readers are probably dying to know the answer to this question: can anyone else get involved? "Those four have been loyal I'd like to stick around with them. If somebody sneaks in it would have to be a legit reason for them to make a push."

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