National Prep Showcase: Day 2

WORCESTER, Mass. – Those who tore themselves away from the Ohio State-Michigan game on Saturday got to see players like Craig Brackins get after it on the second day of the National Prep Showcase.

Craig Brackins, C/PF, Brewster – This isn't the same guy we first laid eyes on two years ago. Brackins pushes 6-foot-10 these days, is much more confident and impacts games. He's gone from prospect to player at the same time leaving room to improve. For our dime, he made the biggest splash on Saturday with 29 points and 7 rebounds. We've got him undervalued on our national 100 list but the bigger picture is that Iowa State has a horse it can ride to success in the Big 12.

Cass Continues Ascent
Manuel Cass, PF, South Kent – UTEP should counts its blessings because this is a straight up high-major recruit who has consistently improved his game. "People really have no idea how good he is," one high-major coach said. "He's easily their second best player." 18 points on 8-for-10 from the field is pretty darn solid.

Darryl Ashford, SG, New Hampton – Bobby Knight's going to be happy with this young man. He turned in a complete offensive and defensive performance. He'll be in our Post-Grad Top 25 the next time the list gets updated. He's athletic and impacts games with his play and skills. No question he's an integral piece of what Red Raider hoops is about going forward. More impressive than the 15 points were the 3 blocks, including 2 on outside shooters.

Dorenzo Hudson, SG, Hargrave – The offensive aggressiveness continued on Saturday and Hudson hit for 25 points (4-10 3s). He's settling into his role and when gives Hargrave buckets things get a little easier for everyone else.

Jeremy Jacob, PF, Hargrave – With Mike Scott out that meant more minutes for the UGA signee and he capitalized. Finally seeming like he was in the flow, Jacobs scored 15 and pulled in 8 rebounds. Forget the numbers; his game translates well on the college level as we've always liked his ability.

Paris Horne, SG/SF, Bridgton – As the year goes on the bet is that he continues to grow on recruiters. Hailing from the hoops hotbed of Middletown, Del., Horne sounded (and looks) like a versatile wing that can play 3 positions. The perfect complimentary high-major wing, A-10 schools will line up en masse for his spring signature as the big boys sniff around and measure his value.

Ashford Impacts Games
Jeff Allen, PF, Hargrave – The monster came to life in the afternoon as Allen scored 18 and pulled down 10 boards.

Michael Beasley, PF, Notre Dame – More sustained minutes and a challenge from Allen meant a better game for's No. 5 prospect. He had 19 and 12.

Jamine Peterson, SF, Notre Dame – The tempo wasn't in his favor early as the game morphed into a halfcourt setting. However, once things began speeding up his buckets and energy level rose. Another fine outing with 24 points. He's got the college guys buzzing coming off two outstanding games.

Matthew Bryan-Amaning, PF, South Kent – Give the future Husky 14 and 7 as his natural athletic ability got him where he needed to go. The strength of his game is making plays with his skill package and athletic ability which is exactly how he played it on Saturday.

Malcolm Grant, PG, Winchendon – Another day at the office – 26 points, 2 assists, 4 turnovers as he made 6-for-12 from behind the 3-point line.

Tirrell Baines, PF, Patterson – Tweener recruit for the high-majors but as the year goes on he's going to get more popular – already is as he risers on the top available list. Baines dumped 18 points and 10 rebounds. Not the ideal sized power forward but he knows his place inside and showed well today.

"Shut up. It's your fault. You didn't learn that stuff here." – Notre Dame's Bill Barton gets through to his guys
Gary Correia, PG, N. Mount Hermon – Mid-majors looking for a guy to hand the basketball next season should really spend some time investigating this kid. He's poised at his position and lets it fly behind the arc. He's not a great distributor but a very good facilitator of offense and a rock solid mid-major point guard prospect.

Tyrone Nash, PF, N. Mount Hermon – Mike Brey is getting a dose of energy and athleticism and energy with this guy. Diversity is the buzz word with him. He rebounds, passes and can play to mid-range. Stat sheet stuffer for the Irish next year.

Terrell Williams, PF, N. Mount Hermon – He put constant pressure on Our Savior's frontline with his drives and work around the basket. He was 14-for-20, most of it inside, and finished with a hard-earned 30 and 12.

Emanuel Negedu, PF, Brewster – He's always been looked at as a strongman and a good athlete but on Saturday he looked different. It appears as though his body is less rigid and he's more fluid. He had 16 and 11 in impressive fashion – dunking, making a few J's and played with the usual energy he's been known to bring. Excellent showing.

Devin Ebanks, SF, St. Thomas More – Forget the 20 points and 13 rebounds. What really stood out was the effort and intensity he gave. Against a team exponentially more talented he had to be the man and was. The big wing is a talent for sure and he's acquitted himself nicely all weekend.

Tyreke Evans was the victim of a closeout in a junior college scrimmage. Evans was about to check out of the game at the next dead ball when a kid got into him and stepped on his foot. It aggravated a nagging injury and it's got him sidelined. … Mike Scott rolled his ankle and did not play on Saturday. … Darrion Pellum has an Achilles injury that impacted his performance. Massanutten's best player was sidelined and was a shell of himself. …

Orion Outerbridge, a 6-foot-8 junior out of New Hampton is a name to watch. He's at least a mid-major and some higher level programs will keep an eye on him. … Not a single Our Savior played hit double-digits today and they were drilled for the second consecutive day. … Long time observers of prep ball will remember the New Hampton/Bob Knight connection. Jamie Arsenault hasn't had a Knight player in a few years but Ashford is going to re-open the pipeline with the coach. …

Jordan Crawford has struggled at the event with decision making. A classic combo guard, he's got to operate at the point for the Tigers. Crawford, who can really score, had 9 turnovers. … Damian Saunders does a few things really well; 1) he's got great hands 2) has quick reactions to the ball and in getting his shot off. … Dogus Balbay, a young Turk guard, snuck into the States and under the radar. Texas has taken a commitment from the Brewster point guard. He may take a prep season making him a 2008 player. To be determined. …

Joseph Fulce made his perimeter shots and played as well as we've seen him in a while. His shot was going down. The future Aggie had 17 points on 7-8 from the field. … More of the same out of Justin Burrell. With his future coach in the stands, he worked the baselines, made his requisite mid-range jumper and got himself 18 in a blowout. … Keenan Ellis (18 points), Khalil McDonald (20) and Michael Glover (21) led American Christian. Ellis looked like the scorer we think he can be as he continues to get it together post-injury. …

"Greedy" Gets His Due
Gary Correia knows VCU and Drexel signed lead guards but still lists them. Mix in Georgia State and Air Force which recently showed interest and his list is getting updated. … "Greedy" Peterson's school list is a work in progress, we assure you of that. Miami, Cincinnati, Kansas, Memphis, Providence, St. John's, Iowa State, Virginia, Seton Hall, Rutgers and UMass are among the interested parties. Had he signed early it would have been the Friars. … Terrell Baines indicated Mississippi, Nebraska and d Seton Hall were on his the hardest. …

Negedu says he's getting hit up by Arizona, Iowa State, Iowa, Tennessee, Kansas, Indiana, Syracuse and Illinois. … Paris Horne is receiving interest from Ohio U., St. John's, St. Bonaventure and St. Louis. … Junior C.J. Williams of Fayetteville Jack Britt is not at this event but there is news in his recruitment. Williams has scheduled a 4 p.m. press conference Tuesday to announce between Clemson, N.C. State and Virginia Tech. …

"I just woke up from a hot dog eating contest. Maybe I should still be sleeping but I ate 9 hot dogs in 10 minutes. I don't feel that good.."

  • The guy working the grill at Charlie's cafeteria at Assumption College. He didn't look like he needed to be there.

    The lone high-major head coach in the crowd was St. John's Norm Roberts. …


  • Northfield Mount Herman 92, Our Savior 39
  • New Hampton 67, Champlain St. Lambert 56
  • Patterson School 86, St. Thomas More 82
  • Notre Dame Prep 90, Hargrave Military 89
  • South Kent 75, Maine Central 54
  • Winchendon 69, FUMA 51
  • Bridgton Academy 96, American Christian 82
  • Brewster Academy 94, Massanutten Military 65

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