Scott Takes Cavalier Approach To Signing

Yesterday, Mike Scott was one of the top unsigned power forwards in the country. As of Tuesday you can cross him off that list.

These things happen every year. The signing day passes and you hear of a player who signed his letter of intent with a program. Basically, what happens is the letter gets signed in advance and the prospect has a grace period in which he can ship off the papers to the school.

For Hargrave power forward Mike Scott, that's exactly what happened. As of Tuesday, he's the property of the Virginia Cavaliers. He selected the program after considering North Carolina State, Clemson and Wake Forest.

"He's got a great relationship with his father and a lot of trust with his dad," Hargrave coach Kevin Keatts said. "They wanted to sit down and get on the same page before he did it. They committed to Temple and at the time it was a great situation. With the coaching change that changed things a little bit for him.

"He had the papers (to Virginia) and they signed them. He spent a week together with his family and it was the right decision. They weighed the options and decided that was the place he was going to be."

The Cavaliers meanwhile, continue to reap benefits of the season opener, a win over Arizona in which the Cavaliers brand spanking new building was unveiled as Michael Buffer introduced the team.

Since then, Mustapha Farrakhan signed with the Wahoos and now Scott,'s No. 15 post graduate player.

"I just think they did a wonderful job of recruiting him," Keatts said. "They hung in there and he was able to see the chance to play. He took in the Arizona game and he saw the opportunity to play."

Scott will begin his career in Charlottesville as a power forward. The hope is that he can eventually transition to more of a perimeter role. "I think what is underrated about him is his ability to step outside and shoot the basketball," Keatts said. ""A lot of people didn't get to see him play his best (at the National Prep Tip Off). He played half of one game before spraining an ankle."

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