DeRozan Wide Open

Demar DeRozan, a 6-6 junior from Southern California, is one of the more spectacular athletes in the class. He's hearing from a number of progams across the country, including schools in the Pac-10 and ACC...

Demar DeRozan, 6-6 JR SF Compton (Calif.) High, is one of the most explosive athletes in the class. DeRozan has a great body for a wing and he might be the best leaper in the west. His shot has improved dramatically in the last year and he's pretty accurate to 18-20 feet. His handle still needs work, though, and he can sometimes struggle to create his shot against pressure. He also needs to improve his focus and playing with intensity all the time. But there's no question that DeRozan has a very high upside and he's clearly among the elite wings in the west for 2008.

We spoke with DeRozan at the Tournament of Champions this week and asked him about the schools that he's currently considering.

"I'm hearing from a lot of different schools," said DeRozan. "USC, Cal, Florida State, Washington…some others."

DeRozan told us that the four schools he mentioned have all offered.

"I've been on unofficials to Cal, Florida State and USC," said DeRozan.

We asked him about the visits to each school.

"Cal was good, good scenery and a good school," said DeRozan. "Florida State showed me a lot of love and they have a good up and coming program. USC is a good school, with a new arena and they'll be good."

When questioned about the issues he'll consider when making his choice, DeRozan said, ‘I'm looking for a school with a top program, a history, and someplace where they have sent guys to the NBA."

DeRozan said location is not a big deal to him.

"Location doesn't really matter," said DeRozan. "My parents would like to see me stay close, but they'll leave it up to me."

DeRozan doesn't see himself deciding anytime soon.

"I'll probably do it after the summer," said DeRozan.

DeRozan told us he currently has a GPA of "around 2.8 or 2.9."

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