He's Back!

After The Berkshire School shut down its basketball program midway through the year, we thought Rolando DeLaBarrera would take some time off and regroup. Turns out he couldn't wait any longer for his next job.

DeLaBarrera Lands In N.C.

Rolando DeLaBarrera, the former head coach at the Berkshire School, has accepted a coaching position at the Laurinburg Institute in North Carolina.

DeLaBarrera will be coaching the Institute team, not to be confused with Laurinburg Prep which is coached by Chris Chaney or Laurinburg Charter. DeLaBarrera's bunch is composed completely of high school kids. Chaney handles the prep team.

"It's a good place to be," DeLaBarrera said. "It's an up and coming program with a great administration. I couldn't be happier."

Last year was a strange one for DeLaBarrera. After Berkshire closed its doors midway through the season, the coach was charged with the task of finding new homes for his players and making sure they were able to keep up their academics.

This year will be a little different. DeLaBarrera has always had a lot of foreign players and his connections outside the country should help him build a base at Laurinburg Institute. "Right now, we have three returning players," DeLaBarrera said. "Two are Senegalese."

After he loads up on talent, then there's the matter of finishing in the schedule. "The Institute team is in the Slam Dunk To The Beach. If everything keeps going forward the way it is, it'll be one of the best high school teams around."

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