Smith Reclassifies At New School

One of the most amazing stories of the summer was that of JR Smith. One minute in April he's a role player on the Tim Thomas team and a few months later he's leading the charge in Las Vegas. What exactly happened?

Smith Reclassifies At St. Benedict's

"All of the sudden he's dunking on people and shooting 3s from halfcourt," Will Sheridan said of his AAU teammate JR Smith. Sheridan, a Villanova commitment, was just as surprised as the next guy when Smith raised his game so much that he went from Tim Thomas role player to star in just a few months.

So, what happened? "I just started working harder," Smith said. "ABCD did it for me. That's where everybody came out with rankings and that's where you had to raise your game. You have to come to play."

Smith did just that. He raised his game to the point that by the end of the summer, he was the top prospect on Jimmy Salmon's club. In case you might have forgotten, Salmon has some super players.

Everybody in the country has got to be recruiting him, right? Absolutely, but they'll have to wait another year to sign him. On Thursday, Smith told that he's going to attend St. Benedict's this year and reclassify as a member of the Class of 2004. At this point, he'll be in our soon to be announced Top 10 in that class.

Why the reclassification? "To get my extra year back. I started school early. I don't think I've matured enough for college.

Smith said he's receiving interest – mostly offers – from tons of schools these days. His list reads North Carolina, Maryland, Villanova, Seton Hall, Virginia Tech, Cincinnati, UConn, Rutgers and Pittsburgh.

Last year at Lakewood, Smith said he averaged 28 points a game. A top notch football prospect, Smith says he's taking a pass on the gridiron.

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