Palms Profile: David Wear

FORT MYERS, FLA. -- David Wear had a big opening night and sat down with him to chat about his style and his sibling!

It's hard not to think of the Wear Twins together. They're born and bred Californians, one wears No. 12 and the other 24 and someday they'll sign letters of intent with the same university.

Having said that, the pair of 6-foot-9 power forwards who are sophomores at Mater Dei, do have some differences. Subtle, but slightly different.

On Friday night, the opening night of the City of Palms Classic, David Wear was the sophomore twin with the hot hand. Travis got into early foul trouble while David got hot.

Speaking with David, you learn that the twins compete hard against each other and are searching for the night when they both have it "on." There's a sibling rivalry which exists that pushes the pair to continue getting better.

"One gets a little jealous and mad when the other has a better game," David said. "Every night you're trying to outperform the other one to show that you're good. It helps to raise your game and always have someone to compete with on the next level."

Wear vs. Golden Gate
Like we said, Friday night was David's night to the tune of 17 points on 7-for-10 from the field. Travis finished with 5 but it mattered little as Mater Dei wasn't remotely tested as Orange County's finest rolled over Golden Gate.

The differences in the twins aren't physical but manifest themselves on the court. "People say that my brother's face is a little chubbier than mine," David said. "You can't (see it) on the court besides my number."

And maybe slightly in their styles.

"My brother is more aggressive," David said. "I think my brother likes to drive a little more. He likes to get to the rim and create more whereas I like to shoot more jump shots and get more hook shots and post moves inside."

Those post moves came from a familiar source. The twins father played a little college ball himself and now oversees their development. "My dad has worked me out since I was 6-7 years old. He's the only one that works me out. He was more of a big man but ever since we were little he's been teaching me how to shoot.

"He wanted me to be a big guy like he was who had an outside jump shot so that's really helped my game a lot. He was good on the inside and I get a lot my post moves from him."

David Wear likens himself to a Dirk Nowitzki prototype. He's comfortable being labeled a power forward that plays on the perimeter. He's agile with both hands stemming from an injury on his right hand which forced him to expand his off hand.

College head coaches are making the rounds to see them. UCLA, Arizona, Duke and North Carolina send the head honcho out West to track their progress. "We have tons of college coaches rolling in through Mater Dei every week," David said. "We've had coach Howland, Coach Olson, Coach K, Coach Williams. It's just a continuous flow."

And it's not going to cease anytime soon.

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