Butler Does It

Jackie Butler, a gifted big man, reached his decision on Thursday. Our Mississippi State affiliate had the story.

MSU Lands Jackie

The Mississippi State Insiders Page reported on Thursday night that Jackie Butler committed to the Bulldogs.

Butler, recently ranked our No. 25 player in the Class of 2003, played this spring and summer with Mark Komara's Southeast Pump and Run team. Butler has a terrific body and at times showed flashes of big time potential.


"He wanted to get it done.," Komara said. "That's kind of where he's been wanting to go anyway. They recruited him double hard. With Mario Austin probably going to leave there's an opportunity for him."


Previously, he had mentioned that if possible he would like to go to the NBA straight out of high school. At the present time, that doesn't appear to be a viable option so Mississippi State fans should be able to feel comfortable about this one.

Last year, Butler was a member of third-team post-season all-american team when he averaged a double-double for the season.

In case you haven't noticed, Mississippi State is loading up. With Travis Outlaw, Gary Ervin and now Butler, they have assembled a terrific trio. Each player ranks in our Top 50 and Butler and Outlaw in the Top 25.

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