Beach Ball: Day 1 Rundown

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – The prestigious Beach Ball Classic tipped the night after Christmas. Seniors Chris Wright and A.J. Stewart were on the winning end of their openers. Sam Muldrow didn't get the "W" but he's earned his place in the Top 100.

Sam Muldrow, C, Wilson – His club lost by 10 points which is bad. Muldrow, a South Carolina signee, scored 10, blocked 8 shots and had 8 boards which, of course, are good. A post-summer Top 100 prospect, Muldrow belongs on the list. He's the perfect mixture of prospect and player with room to grow in each area. Here's the skinny: he went 2-for-2 from the field. Can a big man get more touches? He should.

Vlad Moldeveanu, SF, St. John's – Talented weapon the perimeter for sure. He's 6-foot-8 and plays off the catch from deep. Some days you see him and he'll play to a higher level which would be expected. He's no worse than a strong mid-major prospect that not only factors into the George Mason rotation early but should be expected to develop into one of the top members of his incoming class in the CAA. Finished with 19 and 11 which included 3-for-7 from downtown.

Chris Wright, PG, St. John's – His boys got the win and he rallied himself in the second half after taking a while to heat up. No biggie, it's the day after Christmas and the shots he missed from mid-range you know he's good for. His assist total should have been inflated as he drove and kicked with success but his shooters rimmed out jumpers. Was credited him with 19 points (7-for-22 FG) to go with 8 rebounds and 6 assists.

A.J. Stewart, PF, ACD – He had 22 points and 18 rebounds and camped out under the rim. The guy went out and took what the defense gave him. ACD outrebounded Latta 59-34 and he led the charge. This game could give him that added confidence he's been in search of. At the rate he was signing autographs once the horn sounded you could tell he was clearly fired up and will be ready to go the next time out.

Latta's L. Page
Lashay Page, SG, Latta – In fairness, he's got tons of responsibility for a team that simply didn't feature the firepower required to withstand the ACD Apaches charge. With that having been said, Page would be wise to continue tightening his handle and diversifying his offense. On nights like this evening when the 3's are not dropping to be effective he'll need another means of contributing. He's a good shooter when he takes shots within the rhythm of the offense and doesn't force. A shooting specialist in the short term, we'll keep an active eye on his development. We had him with 31 points on 12-for-28 from the field and 5-for-15 from downtown.

Milton Jennings, PF, Pinewood – Moldeveanu gave him the business in the first half and he began to float to the perimeter (something he didn't do at the Chick-Fil-A). Then in the second half he made his stand and went right at the Romanian with a variety of block and mid-range shots to get himself going. He's been busy since Dec. 21 and he's a very good prospect, especially once the strength comes around. Finished with 18 and 8.

Dalton Pepper, SF/SG, Pennsbury – The 5-for-17 is of little concern in evaluating him now. He's a wing player who mixes a dose of athleticism with splash of basketball savvy. His approach to the game belies his youth. He's not going 0-for-4 behind the arc each time out but he will rebound and pass the basketball. We can see him playing high-major ball when the time comes.

Dec. 26 is a dead date for college coaches as they could not be in the building. Hey, everybody needs a break now and then!

Devon Lamb is the ultimate opportunity player. He's almost a position less guy in college but his hustle and savvy how to get inside and get buckets is his calling card. A lower level program would get a nice player. He had 30 (12-25 FG) to go with 13 boards. Here's the deal: he's a lefty who has no business rebounding in traffic, but he does because he's sneaky. He's a kid who wills his way to buckets and there's a place for him in D-I ball but he's got to pick a program that has a need for a niche player. …

Sam Muldrow wasn't the only big man needing more touches. Pennsbury's Lavoy Allen made the most of his limited feeds in the post going 4-for-4. …

Lamb has seen just one school make an overture and Stetson stepped up. He's ripe for the picking and Rex Morgan, his coach, indicated that he's going to be a qualifier. …

Lashay Page likes South Carolina, Clemson and Wake Forest and each is keeping tabs on him. …

Head Coaches In The Gym – Tom Herrion, former head coach College of Charleston.


  • St. John's Prep 61, Pinewood 42
  • Arlington Country Day 102, Latta 60
  • Pennsbury 59, Wilson 49

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