Terrelle Pryor: Sticking With Two Sports

Terrelle Pryor has played both football and basketball since he was little - and the Jeanette High (Pa.) 6-foot-6 junior doesn't want that to change anytime soon. He's being recruited at a high level in both sports and plans to give both a try in college.

Terrelle Pryor wants to do both until someone tells him he can't.

The 6-foot-6, 220-pound Jeanette High (Pa.) two-sport star has a plan: Play both football and basketball in college until it becomes too difficult academically or his coaches force him to make a decision.

``I'm going to try both my freshman year," Pryor said.

Pryor is a quarterback/defensive back on the gridiron. He is coming off a stellar junior campaign in which he led Jeanette to the state title game. His numbers are astounding: 1,676 yards and 29 touchdowns on the ground and more than another 1,700 through the air with 15 touchdown passes.

If you are doing the math at home, that's 3,400 total yards and 44 TD's.

That's why the big boys are all over him to play quarterback: Ohio State, Michigan, Florida and West Virginia all want him to come as a quarterback. Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and Penn State are also all over him for his football exploits.

But he wants to go somewhere he can play both.

The leading candidates in that regard are Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan, Pittsburgh and Penn State. UConn, Miami and Clemson are also pursuing him for basketball.

Pryor made an early commitment a year ago to Jamie Dixon's basketball program at Pittsburgh, but re-opened his recruitment shortly thereafter.

``I want to go somewhere I can play right away and play both sports," Pryor said. "A big thing for me is how they use their quarterback."

``I'd like to stay fairly close to home," he added. "Maybe within about a five hour range."

Pryor is still making the adjustment from football to basketball after finishing on the gridiron on Dec. 16. Two days later, he was going up against nationally ranked Mater Dei in Florida.

``It's a big difference playing outside and playing inside a packed gym," said Pryor, who played at the City of Palms just before the New Year against Mater Dei. "It's a completely different atmosphere and it's much harder to breathe."

Pryor said his goal is to improve his perimeter shooting and ballhandling skills this season.

``Most people think I have a better future in football, but I'm not sure," Pryor said. "I've been playing them both since I was 6 and I love both sports."

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