New Procedure Has Sanchez Playing

Michael Sanchez wasn't getting the relief he needed through traditional remedies. The senior power forward finally found a fix in a cutting-edge treatment called shockwave therapy.

Michael Sanchez was on the shelf most of the summer. The 6-foot-8 power forward out of Springdale (Ark.) Har-Ber High was in pain. Patella tendonitis hit the big forward and kept him out of action.

In pain from his injury, Sanchez was forced to sit back and watch events like the NBA Players Camp. In short, he didn't have a chance to make his mark, at least not the way he intended.

Now, thanks to what his family describes a revolutionary procedure, he's back in action. How'd it happen for the big fella? Shockwave therapy.

"They're doing it in Europe and Canada," Kim Sanchez, Michael's mother told "A lot of NBA players will fly into Europe and Canada and have it done. The Europeans are so much far ahead of us it's unbelievable.

"They're using it on cuts and open wounds in Europe. The body is healing itself at twice the speed, if not faster."

Sanchez, according to his mother, is a cutting edge recruit. Literally his procedure is setting the tone for patients in the United States. "Michael is the first knee done in the country."

Sanchez took three weeks to respond to the procedure. Shortly thereafter he was pain-free only to discover that his meniscus was torn. After getting the meniscus repaired he was up and raining in a little over a month.

"He's done," his mother said. "He's back and pain-free. It's unbelievable. The FDA has not approved (shockwave therapy) and the doctor's won't push it through."

Presently, Sanchez is averaging 15.3 points per game. He's got interest coming from a number of schools including home state Arkansas. Programs like Tennessee and Texas A&M are keeping tabs on him as well. However, it's not a lock he plays college ball next season.

"We're leaning towards prep school," Kim Sanchez indicated.

"Not definitely but he's looking. He'll probably make that decision in February after he gets back full throttle."

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