Lamont Jones: Clear Leader

If Lamont Jones had his way, this thing would already be over with. The sophomore guard at Rice High (N.Y.) would be following his "older brother" to the Big East. However, Jones' mother and high school coach have put that plan on hold - at least for a while.

If Lamont Jones had his wish, he'd already be committed to Louisville right now.

However, the 6-foot, 165-pound sophomore guard with the nickname of "Mo-Mo" will heed the advice of his mother and his school coach, Mo Hicks, and play the waiting game until the end of the season.

``Right now they (Louisville) are my top school," Jones said. "My mother and coach think I'm too young and they want me to wait until the end of the year."

While Jones mentioned other high-major schools, he also admitted that he's really only focused on Rick Pitino's program.

``I'm pretty dead-set on Louisville," Jones said. "Because of Coach Pitino and Edgar Sosa. Edgar's like a big brother to me."

Jones had a solid three games in Houston last week.

``He's a tough kid and is a typical New York City style player," Hicks said. "He can get to the basket and is pretty strong for someone his size."

``He leads the team pretty well and does a good job complementing Kemba (Walker)," Hicks added.

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