Murphy Holloway: To Stay or Go?

Once Murphy Holloway gets his academics in order, he'll have a decision to make: Does the 6-foot-7 Dutch Fork (S.C.) junior forward remain in the state or leave South Carolina for college? He's well aware of the track record of guys leaving the state and coming back.

Murphy Holloway is torn. To stay or leave?

The 6-foot-7, 205-pound junior forward is one of the best players in the state of South Carolina. He has watched guys like Devan Downey and Mike Jones leave for what they believed were greener pastures, only to return home.

``I don't know which way to go," Holloway said. "South Carolina is a nice program. It kind of scares me to leave because I haven't seen anyone leave and be successful except for maybe Ra'Sean Dickey."

Holloway lives about 15 minutes from Columbia and about 90 minutes or so from Clemson. He went to the Tigers win over Georgia Tech Saturday and then watched Kansas beat South Carolina the following day.

So far, Murphy is having an impressive junior campaign, averaging 26 points and a dozen rebounds for a 10-3 Dutch Fork High.

``My coach runs an offense where he keeps me moving and I'm not just stuck in the post," Holloway said.

When you think of Holloway, think Josh Howard or Al Thornton. A combo forward who is too quick for most power forwards and too strong for most three-men.

He still needs to work on a few things. He is working on his academics and becoming more consistent with his perimeter shot, but Holloway is a tough matchup because of his will to win, toughness and athleticism.

He got some of that from his father, former University of Arizona linebacker Richard Maddox – who played alongside New England Patriots standout Tedy Bruschi on the vaunted Desert Swarm defense.

In addition to South Carolina and Clemson, Holloway said that Florida, Tennessee and Kansas have all expressed interest. North Carolina and Arizona have both sent letters, but haven't stepped up their recruitment to date. Holloway also took an unofficial visit to UConn for Midnight Madness.

``I'm from a little tiny town where nobody ever makes it out," he said. "I want to prove I can make it."

``I'm going to try and narrow it down," he added. "It depends on whose coming and whose leaving. I don't mind coming off the bench behind a senior or someone real good, but I want to play."

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