Home Visits Important To Brewer

Admittedly, Ronnie Brewer is a tough guy to get in touch with. When we finally tracked him down, he gave us the skinny on where his recruitment stands.

Home Visits Will Determine Official Trips

Ronnie Brewer is a pretty unique recruit. His father played for Eddie Sutton at Akransas, played in the NBA and now works for the Hogs. In short, he knows a little more about the recruiting process than his peers.

"I'm sort of taking it day by day," Brewer said of his recruitment. "I'm going to evaluate each school when they come into my home. Basically, I'm open right now. I feel that if I'm comfortable and I pick a team and I feel like I'm ready to sign, whether it's in the early period then I will. If I'm not comfortable, I'll wait out my options. It just depends on how comfortable I am at the time."

Brewer said that his list reads Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Florida. He mentioned UConn and North Carolina but we don't think either program is focusing on his position right now.

He has no official visits set up to date, but that's by design. Brewer said that he'll determine his official visits once he sees the presentations of the schools in his home.

Brewer's father played 10 seasons in the NBA and always has some words of wisdom for his son. "He basically tells me to focus. He left college a year early and left without getting his degree and that's why we moved back to Arkansas. He says to focus on my school work and basketball comes second."

Oklahoma State and Arkansas, obviously, have unique connections with Brewer. Sutton's relationship with his father remains strong. "[My dad] gives me input on how he's a great teacher, motivator and how he develops players for the next level. That's a plus for him and he knows my dad real well."

Brewer attends high school about a mile from where the Hogs play games. Despite the questions his father, an assistant director of development, receives while at functions and working, the son feels like it's a decision he has to reach on his own. "He gets a lot of questions but it's up to me."

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