Robinson Settles Into The Big East

Nasir Robinson, a Philadelphia area standout, has picked his college. The junior small forward out of Chester High is off the board.

The Pittsburgh Panthers cruised into Philadelphia and plucked another one from the high school ranks. Nasir Robinson, a 6-foot-5 small forward out of Chester (Pa.) High picked the Panthers.

Villanova, Miami, Kentucky and St. Joseph's were in the mix recruiting him. "I think it's a good fit," Team Final coach Rob Brown said. "From a basketball standpoint it's great. He fits their style of play and he plays a lot of different positions."

Robinson was injured part of the season but has since returned. His game is a perfect set up for the identity of the Big East power. Robinson's one of those kids who plays an aggressive, attacking style mixed in with a measure of toughness that has come to define his game. Think a cross between a P.J. Tucker and Chevy Troutman.

"He is a junk yard dog, there's no doubt about it, that's what he is," Brown said.

"He still needs to work on his jump shot and he defends a couple of positions and he could be pretty good there."

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