McClain Returns To Action

One of the elite unsigned players in America recently returned to the court. National Christian's Anthony McClain returned from a foot injury and he's ready to cut it loose.

Sometimes we forget about the big fellas. Everyone's guilty of it on all levels.

Well, it's time we remember one of them. Anthony McClain, National Christian's 7-foot behemoth is back in action.

"He made it back on the court from his foot injury," National coach Trevor Brown said. "His first game he had 29 and 5 in a half of a game."

In case you missed it, McClain missed nearly 10 games with a stress fracture in his foot. Now he's gearing up for a showdown next week against Progressive Christian and Gus Gilchrist.

"We've been bringing him along slowly and letting him run a little everyday for the last week and a half," Brown said. "We put him out there Saturday and played him four minutes at a time against Jericho Christian."

McClain, who is ranked No. 41 in the nation, is the highest ranking center on the board. Next to Patrick Patterson, he's the top unsigned big man in the country. Now that he's back in action, he's bound to have visitors.

"Cincinnati will be in here this week. He's still got Cincinnati, UConn and Georgetown is trying to keep track of him. Florida is coming to see him again and he'll have people coming in now.

"Memphis has been trying to get up to see him to get involved. Charlotte is involved. Maryland is recruiting him too."

At one time, Connecticut was the clear cut front-runner. While the Huskies remain on top of the list, this one is not done by any means. "I would still say it's the case but it's not a done deal," Brown said. "He really likes the school and that's the program he likes the most. When you look at UConn's history of developing players and getting them to the next level, they're probably right there with the best of them."

One of the issues the Huskies will have to address will be available playing time. Depending on what transpires with Hasheem Thabeet and some of their young bigs, the Huskies will have to plan accordingly for McClain.

"He needs to get on the court," Brown said of his center.

Expect a litany of programs on his list to roll through town in the coming weeks. While it's unlikely other programs can creep into the equation, the schools on his current list are in the mix and about to begin making their final pushes.

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