2009 Focus: Maurice Creek

The Class of 2009 is just beginning to show off its better players. One of them, Maurice Creek, is a guy you might not have heard about. He's having a big season for Oxon Hill in Maryland and he's heating up as a prospect.

The Washington-D.C./Maryland corridor is laced with outstanding players. Some get too much attention, others don't receive enough. Maurice Creek is a young man who's only beginning to hear his name mentioned in big time circles. The 6-foot-4 sophomore swingman is putting up 32 points a game but those who know him best will tell you he's not only about scoring.

"He has an understanding because it's not just about points," Triple Threat coach Keith Stevens said. "How many kids think like that? He's got a chance to be really, really good."

Creek is one of those young men who hunts buckets and perfection. "My athleticism can get a little better," Creek said. "I can jump but not as much as I want to. When I get to college it's going to have to go that way. I can work on my feet a little more, I'm a little slow. When I get those right I'll be right."

And those attributes will come. Creek has the added advantage of his father working as a personal trainer. Last season, Creek was at Mount Zion but transferred home as a sophomore to play at Oxon Hill, the same school which produced Mike Sweetney.

Now, it's Creek's turn to make a name for himself out the school. Maryland has offered him and Georgetown is interested. Connecticut, Texas and George Washington are learning more about him and his game.

"I really don't think people know about me yet," Creek said. "I'm doing a little better but people think they know me but they haven't seen anything yet. I don't think I've reached the top of my game.

"I still gotta go and earn respect. People have been doing it for years and I'm just coming on now. I have to earn my spot, I can't go and get comfortable."

Around Creek exists a learning curve in a bunch of areas. While colleges are slow to see just how good he can be, he's also figuring out what it takes to command a team and be the main guy.

"I know now that everybody looks up to me to be the leader of the team. At Mount Zion we had a lot of good people but now everybody looks up to me."

When we first saw Creek at the Charlie Weber last fall there was little doubt that he had a chance to be a high-level player. His play this season has stamped that as a distinct probability.

"He's got a great mid-range game, better than a lot of kids I've seen as seniors," one college assistant told Scout.com. "He's really good, he might be special."

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