Panthers Double-Dip This Week

The Pittsburgh Panthers struck again. Travon Woodall is all set to play for Jamie Dixon.

Bob Hurley wanted Travon Woodall to sit down and explain to him why he thought Pittsburgh was the best fit for him and why the timing is right for a commitment.

The veteran coach of powerful St. Anthony's must have enjoyed his pupils explanation because as expected, Woodall made it official and pledged to the Panthers. Woodall was also considering Rutgers.

The pledge has significance on a number of fronts. From Pittsburgh's perspective, Woodall is the second junior this week to commit. Do-it-all small forward Nasir Robinson out of Chester was the first.

Secondly, according to the Newark Star Ledger, Woodall is only the second junior ever, in the historic career of Hurley, to make an early decision. Only last week, according to the paper, did A.J. Rogers make his pledge to St. Joseph's.

What is Pittsburgh getting in Woodall? Well, at the fall Eddie Griffin Challenge, Woodall surprised the crowd when he leapt high to catch an alley oop. He's also got excellent vision and coming from St. Anthony's, a commitment on the defensive end. In short, they're getting a Big East level point guard and they're taking care of business in a 2008 class that is projected to have shortcomings at that position.

It's been a strong week for Jamie Dixon's crew on the recruiting front. Woodall and Robinson are two kids who mirror the principles and style which presently defines the Panthers program.

The pledges also lay the foundation for the future. Robinson is a fixture in the hotbed of Philly, an area assistant Mike Rice mans for Dixon. St. Anthony's reputation for churning out players needs no explanation. Good players, good areas to recruit from and a pair of worthy additions from the Class of 2008.

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