Lucas Puts His Spin On Recruitment

Jai Lucas is one of those kids bound to make news. Hailing from a basketball family, the Houston point guard passed on signing early and is now the subject of a much followed recruiting tussle that seems to get more interesting by the week.

America's most recruitable senior point guard made news last week when he wasn't even trying to. Once it was reported that Jai Lucas had been contacted by Duke, rumor and innuendo spun all night long.

For the record, Lucas was contacted by Duke, but not by the head coach. "It was the assistants," Lucas said. "With them it's different. You have to wait to see and see who leaves and goes into the draft."

Lucas, whose famous father is a Durham native, has been contacted by a slew of schools this winter. The burning question last week centered around his interest if Duke showed interest in him. "I would look into it," Lucas said.

Right now his list is tight, though he continues to stress that he'll evaluate a lot of programs if need be. Maryland, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Oklahoma State are his staple four schools. Florida and Iowa have contacted him. "There's a lot that keep in contact from everywhere," Lucas said.

Lucas is steadfast in his belief that waiting for the spring was the right move for him. "You want to wait and see where everything stands. It's opened up some things for me."

The Bellaire product will be on Maryland's campus for the Terps February tilt with Duke. Kentucky and Oklahoma are two spots he'll also likely stop by in February. Lucas said he's seen enough of Oklahoma State that another return trip is not necessary.

By waiting until the winter (and possibly early spring) to make his decision, Lucas has turned up the heat on his own recruitment, not that he needed more pub. Essentially, he's the last difference-making point guard on the open market and because of that fact he controls his own destiny.

Imagine that. The son of a former NBA head coach whose brother led a team to the Final Four, patiently weighing his options. Sounds like he's got this recruiting thing figured out pretty well.

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