Ibrahim Looking To Explode At Juco

Sani Ibrahim landed at Southern Idaho Junior College on Monday. On Tuesday, he signed the papers to play for coach Guy Beach. Apparently, he's ready to take his game to the next level.

Ibrahim Moving In The Right Direction

Southern Idaho coach Guy Beach has seen dominant big men in junior college. Last year, he coached against Jamie Lloreda so he's got a pretty good frame of reference for his comments.

"Jamie Lloreda was the best big man in juco last year," Beach said, "and I think [Sani Ibrahim is] better than he is. Jerry Mullen called and wants us to come to a jamboree in Denver and play against [Robert] Whaley. I'd be shocked if there's anyone [in junior college] better than Sani."

Last year, Ibrahim played at Oak Hill. Toward the end of the season, he really picked up his game. Big time schools like Indiana and Alabama kept in touch but everyone knew his academic situation needed work. Then, because he didn't have the huge season at Oak Hill, his NBA options fizzled.

"He's here for one reason and it's because he didn't push himself hard enough to get better," Beach said. "Otherwise, he knows he'd be making money right now."

Apparently, Ibrahim pushed real hard this summer. He spent the majority of the summer in Florida at the IMG Academy where he worked out with pros like the Pacers Al Harrington. Beach, who saw him last when he was with the Atlanta Celtics, says Sani's a new man.

"He's not even the same. He's really, really good. He looks great. He has no weaknesses to his game. That three months he spent down there in Florida … now he's got unlimited post moves. He shoots the 3, shoots off the dribble and dunks everything around the basket. He's very patient on the block and passes well."

If Ibrahim turns out to be as good as advertised his stint in Twin Falls could be a short one.

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