Center Speaks On His Recruitment

Brian Butch is going to begin his second official visit Wednesday at Marquette. The big fella will have three more trips in the coming weeks. He recently spoke about his recruiting situation.

Marquette Next On List

Brian Butch begins his official visit to Marquette on Wednesday, according to Fox Valley Skillz head coach Ritchie Davis. After the trip, he's scheduled to visit North Carolina, Kansas and Wisconsin. He's already been to Arizona. Don't look for Butch to pull the trigger until after he makes all five visits.

"I'm going to take those visits and after that I'll be a couple and then I'll make the decision," Butch said. "I'm just looking for a big comfort level."

Butch said he feels like all five of the schools will factor into his decision and that when he sits down to decide, he'll probably be weighing five programs as opposed to just one or two.

The Wisconsin center said he's not really concerned with what the other schools are doing in terms who they are recruiting. "I'm just kind of locked in on the schools right now. My big concern is how they are dealing with me and that stuff."

Butch said when it comes time to decide, he'll turn talk to the insiders but they won't have the final say. "My parents [will help in the decision], but mostly it's going to be me. I guess it's better to have a choice and decision to make than to not have a decision to make."

We know one thing: a month or so from now, one of five programs will have a new center. We've said all along that the visits will matter and it's looking more and more like they will have a big impact on his decision.

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