Safford's Sick But Recruiting Is Healthy

Justin Safford and the entire Charis Prep team are under the weather. Still, the sickness hasn't prevented college teams from projecting him into their lineup when healthy.

With frontcourt targets in the senior class at a premium, Justin Safford is going to play college basketball at a high level. The 6-foot-8 power forward out of Goldsboro (N.C.) Charis Prep by way of the state of Illinois, has a litany of offers.

According to coach Carlos Peralta, Winthrop, Missouri, Oklahoma, Xavier, South Carolina, Providence and Virginia Tech have offered. Wake Forest is evaluating him.

"I guess he's getting a lot of people in to see him," Peralta said. "This weekend was a prime example. Mike Anderson was here; Providence and Wake Forest (were there) the last two days of the tournament.

"Illinois was there last night. It's just a lot of activity. Oklahoma is coming back tomorrow for some face time."

The big positive for Safford is that a lot of schools are in to see him. However, according to Peralta, it comes with a cost. They aren't seeing Safford at his best. The team and the forward have been battling through sickness.

"This weekend he labored physically. He just didn't feel well. Basically this weekend, and I'm being generous, he was 50% of what he could do."

"Providence has offered. Tracy Webster told me he's bringing Bruce Weber down to see him because he's exactly what they need. But team is struggling because of the patchwork lineup because of the sickness."

Wake Forest and the Hokies should be locks to receive visits, especially if the Deacs step up and offer.

Peralta has been taken back by his big fellas improvement since arriving on campus. "It's just a more complete game. He rebounds, he gets tough baskets, he can shoot and he's learned how to compete. The other biggest area is that he came with a good skill package, just not knowing how to use it. He's learned that a little better."

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