Negedu Develops Game

When you watch Emmanuel Negedu, sometimes it's easy to get lost in the athleticism, the explosiveness and the high-flying dunks. However, the Brewster Academy (N.H.) junior has improved his game significantly since coming from Nigeria more than two years ago.

Someone should keep a stat on how many times Emmanuel Negedu dunks in a game, because it's almost a given that the 6-foot-7 Brewster Academy (N.H.) junior is going to put at least three or four down each game.

Wednesday night was no different as Negedu had a handful of explosive and thunderous dunks as Brewster held off St. Thomas More, 97-92, in overtime.

However, Negedu, who finished with 30 points and 16 rebounds in the win, isn't one-dimensional as he was when he first came over from Kaduna, Nigeria.

``I shoot it much better and put it on the floor better than I used to," Negedu said.

He's right. Negedu can make shots from long distance and is also able to beat defenders off the dribble – something he wasn't able to do when he first arrived at Brewster two-plus years ago.

But his bread and butter is using his athleticism to get up and down the floor and thrive in transition.

That's why two schools, largely because of their playing style, appear to have emerged for Negedu – although he maintains there is no leader at this time.

``I want to go to a school that plays like I do," Negedu said. "I want to run up and down the court because I think that fits the way I play."

Negedu admitted that Arizona and Tennessee would likely suit his style best of the five schools he's seriously considering at this time. The other three are Iowa, Iowa State and Indiana.

``I also want to have a good relationship with the coaches and make sure it's a good school academically," he added.

Negedu, who will play with the Indiana Elite again this summer, is hoping to try and take a few unofficial visits prior to making a final decision.

``I'd like to see a couple of places, like Arizona, and then make my decision," Negedu said.

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