FUMA's Monroe Checks Options

Fork Union's Donovan Monroe is checking his options. The North Carolina native is in the mix for a mid-major signing. The question is, will he accept an offer or wait and see if bigger programs get fired up about him?

Donovan Monroe, a 6-foot-1 combo guard out of Fork Union Military Academy, is one of those guys you can't quite put your finger on. A gifted scorer who invents ways to get buckets, it's taken him a long time to settle in on a level. He's a lock mid-major player but will that be his ultimate destination?

"I don't like to say right now because I've seen these guys grow in the next few months," FUMA coach Fletcher Arritt said. "No one thought Sam Hinnant could play in the Big South. Not one coach ever asked me about him through the year.

"We started playing at this time in the year and I saw Hinnant dunk. I said ‘I might be mistaken, but I think that guy could play at the highest level.' He went to East Carolina because it was home but this was a guy who went up two levels."

Could Monroe pull a Hinnant and find a level above the CAA? "It's possible because we play everyday and in that type of environment it's easy to go up. With Donovan Monroe, I don't know. I wouldn't shut the door. The other thing he can do is run the point guard."

At this stage in the game, Arritt said the door is open for College of Charleston and UNC-Wilmington; Monroe could go to either one right now. Furman is calling and both Tennessee Tech and Appalachian State are hanging with him.

During the season, Monroe turned in some moments where he looked like an even higher level prospect. During one of those games, Virginia Tech's Seth Greenberg was in the gym. The Hokies head man has remained in contact and checks on Monroe frequently.

"He's a big strong, tough kid," Arritt said. "He can shoot and he's not afraid of everybody."

In the coming weeks, there's going to be a lot of coaching turnover and the first thing new coaches look for is talent and that's where Monroe can make his mark, maybe even move up a level.

"I think there's a possibility, depending on the coach and the situation that he can play at the top level. Does that mean I'd be disappointed if he goes (mid-major)? No."

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