Rhodes Sheds Light On His Situation

Bennie Rhodes is a name that has popped up every now and then this season. Recently Scout.com caught up with Rhodes to gain insight into his situation.

Bennie Rhodes, a 6-foot-5 prospect out of Mount Zion, has a complicated story but its worth learning about if you're looking for a wing talent.

Rhodes, who turns 18 in April, is presently enrolled at Mount Zion where he played this season. Last year, as a senior, he laced them up for Castlemont High School. Young for his age, Rhodes decided he needed more seasoning before heading off to college.

Having not graduated from Castlemont last year, Rhodes found his way to Mount Zion where he intended on spending two years before matriculating to college with the Class of 2008, a group more suited to his age.

Rhodes, the product of a military family, moved from Oakland to Dallas and back to California throughout his high school career. He moved so frequently that he missed out on his first two years of high school ball entirely.

After the season ended in 2006 at Castlemont, Rhodes figured he needed to fly above the radar for once and get extra seasoning before looking for a college. "If I had more options in case something didn't work for 2007, I'd have something to fall back on in 2008," Rhodes said. "I wasn't highly recruited coming out of Castlemont. I figured I'd just go to prep school."

At Mount Zion this past season, Rhodes displayed the ability to play the small forward and even point guard spots. During the year, Kansas came in and briefly looked at adding him as a member of the 2007 class.

"Kansas came in on me when Kurtis Townsend came out and watched me," Rhodes said. "I talked to Coach and everything was cool but a few days later they took Tyrel Reed. I talked to Bill Self and they said they wanted to offer a scholarship and I told them I'd commit. But I don't really don't know what happened after that."

To be fair, there's been a considerable amount of confusion over Rhodes' standing as a prospect. Is he 2007 or 2008? The correct answer, right now, is a little of both.

"Right now my mind is on 2008," Rhodes said. "I have SMU and they've talked to me consistently. Even if I go 2008, SMU would be there. I want to get more familiar with them. I'm going to go out and play for So Cal (All-Stars) like I'm 2008. If someone sees me early like Daniel Hackett then I might go early. Right now I'm dedicated to going in 2008."

This spring, Rhodes will play with the powerful Southern Cal All-Stars crew. In all likliehood, a number of colleges are going to be interested. From upper mid-level programs to high-major schools seeking talent, he's going to ping the radar for somebody.

Will he bite on a 2007 scholarship? He could, he's got the test score and is finishing up core work. "Depending on who it is and what kind of vibe I get and how much of an impact I can make … I can't really tell you. It depends on the situation."

Virginia Tech, Clemson, Virginia, North Carolina State, Washington State, Arizona, Kansas State and SMU have shown interest, especially if he's 2008.

Next season, should he not find a school this spring, Rhodes will transfer again. Likely to a New England prep school. "I've been told the best prep basketball is played there. I have a lot of people interested in seeing me play. I want to just see what's going to happen. I might want to be 2008 or someone I like may have a scholarship (this year)."

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