Osby Turns In Strong Season

Northeast Lauderdale forward Romero Osby turned in an outstanding junior campaign. He's caught the attention of a number of big time programs.

Last summer was supposed to be Romero Osby's breakout year. However, it was a broken wrist that sidelined him and kept him out of action.

The Northeast Lauderdale standout, a member of the Mississippi Dandy Dozen team, turned in a dandy season. He had a litany of coaches check him out and for the most part, Osby delivered the goods from all over the court.

"For my high school team I played all five positions," Osby said. "Sometimes I was at the top of the zone, sometimes I was the point guard and sometimes I was able to post smaller players. Kind of like Kevin Durant does."

Going into the season, Osby wanted to pump up his perimeter credentials. He shot 39% from behind the arc. "My perimeter game had a lot of catching up to do with my post game because when I was younger I was inside a lot."

Osby is quick to point out that he's not married to the perimeter. "I'm comfortable on the wing but when I have a smaller player on me I want to go to the post. I like to take advantage of mismatches. If I get a guy 6-5 or so I like to take him to the post because I have an advantage in the post."

Kansas, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Alabama and Mississippi and Texas A&M crack his list. But, to move up on his hit list, you've got to send the big dog out to see him. "If the head coach is there that means they're serious," Osby said. "Coach Self, Coach Pearl, Coach Stansbury and Coach Gottfried came and they want me.

"I feel like I'm closer (to reaching a decision) than I was when I was just open. With the summer rolling around, the coaches that I see at my AAU games this April and July, those will be the coaches I'll be interested in."

Osby is looking for a program that has two specific requirements: an electrical engineering program and a place which will allow him to play multiple positions.

The forward has seen a lot of interesting things this season. The most unique was the parade of head coaches. "I guess seeing Coach Self. You usually don't see Bill Self or Coach Pearl in Mississippi. You see Coach Kirby and Coach Kennedy but to see Coach Self come all the way from Kansas … it wasn't like it was a great game either."

Osby said he doesn't have a leader because most teams are doing the same thing in terms of how they recruit him. From the texts, to the letters, everyone is working him. "It's weird. It's like they know who is texting me. Its like they knew who was coming."

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