Tigers Take 2009 Pledge

Oliver Purnell's run to the NIT semifinals just got a little sweeter. The Tigers, who are in contention for a post-season title, are now the owners of a commitment from a member of the Class of 2009.

Devin Booker, the 6-foot-8 brother of current freshman Trevor Booker, is on board.

As a sophomore this season, Booker averaged 14 points and 9 rebounds.

"He's in the same mold as his brother," said Steve McNeely, head coach of the S.C. Carolina Celtics. "He's defensive minded, works hard and has a quiet demeanor. He's got a tremendous upside. He likes the challenge and likes playing against bigger guys. We look forward to seeing him wear the orange with his brother Trevor."

The Tigers have taken early pledges before so seeing an underclassmen pop for Purnell's group should come as no surprise. McNeely, who coached both Booker's in AAU ball, thinks it makes sense.

"I kidded him and told him the only reason they signed him was so they didn't have to change the name on the locker," McNeely kidded. "He said he'd play a year with (Trevor) and I kidded him that they'd share a locker!"

While sharing a locker is unlikely to happen, McNeely can only hope they share the same career path.

"If he continues to work hard the sky is the limit."

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