Xavier Gets Its Man In Redford

Brad Redford needed some re-assurance that Sean Miller would be his coach. Once he got it, the time to commit was now!

Brad Redford understood the deal. Sean Miller, the Xavier coach, was getting interest and his name was heating up. In the days following the nail-biting loss to Ohio State in the NCAA Tournament, the whispers about Miller's future were out there.

Most successful coaches get the same question: "Will you be there to coach me?"

In Redford's case, once he received the assurances he needed the next thing left to do was commit.

"When all the coaches were leaving I was a little concerned he might," Redford said of Miller. "That's why I waited until he signed the contract.

"He had called me after he signed the contract and we had a good conversation. When I visited when they played Arizona State my whole family went down and we thought it was a good place."

From the get-go, Xavier made Redford a major priority. He topped their wish list and now the Musketeers have a point man that doubles as a sharp-shooter behind the arc. Redford averaged 25 points a game as a junior.

"They push the ball a lot and they run sets and shoot a lot of 3s. That fits my game."

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