McDonald's Game: Tuesday

LOUISVILLE – O.J. Mayo could be on the verge of a special McDonald's performance. Meanwhile, had a chance to sit down with Jai Lucas for a one-on-one session about his recruitment.

It's the day before big game in Louisville and the McDonald's All-Americans worked out again in the morning.

Mayo Taking Control
After seeing a practice and listening to the chatter, it's becoming obvious that O.J. Mayo is here with a purpose.

He was easily Tuesday's most dominant player and there's a sense that he could be on the verge of a defining moment Wednesday night. Hard to guard, willing to make the tough finishes and rattling in deep jumpers, Mayo has been on display this week.

  • Eric Gordon is nursing a sore hamstring and its unlikely he'll be at 100% for the game. He hurt himself in the state championship.
  • "He's got the kind of jump shot you can teach by," John Lucas said of Gordon's stroke. "There's no wasted motion."
  • The East may be the underdog but they're a loose bunch guided by the hot hand of Mayo.

    Q & A With Jai Lucas

    Before Kentucky Changed Coaches, How Close Were You To Deciding?

    "I was pretty close. I had got a feel for who I liked and how everything was going but then it changed up for me. It's always a good thing to wait until late because you never know what could happen. It's a blessing in disguise."

    When The Coach Gets Fired, What Does It Do To Your Process?

    "It does through it back in the process but you still have the other three schools. With me waiting, I have no rush so I can wait and see who Kentucky hires as the next coach to see how they will fit in."

    Will You Wait?

    "Most likely since the college season ends in one more week. I can see myself waiting about another 2 weeks until the signing period actually starts."

    Have You Talked To Tubby?

    "Yes, I talked to him Saturday night he called. We talked about the whole situation. I completely understand why he did it. There's so much pressure it could get to a man. That's amount of pressure a lot of people can't really handle and I think it broke him."

    Was There A Pitch For Minnesota Made?

    "There was a pitch. He told me the direction of the program and where it's going. It's almost like he wants to rebuild and start all over again. He's a great coach and he can really do something up there."

    Are You Considering Minnesota?

    "I haven't really thought about it yet but it's a possibility. I love Coach Smith."

    Do You Have Plans To Go Up There?

    "Not right now."

    Would It Be Hard For The Gophers To Get Involved?

    "IF they got involved it would have to be right now because after (the McDonald's game) I'm going to try and put an end to it and get ready for college basketball and get focused."

    When You Decided To Wait Was This The Scenario You Were Preparing For?

    "Yeah, scenarios like this. Like I said you never know in college basketball. They're talkling about other coaches taking the job and that affects other people who signed early. That's why I wanted my final decision to be my final decision."

    Where Are You In The Process Right Now?

    "I'd have to say coming down the homestretch. I feel confident with those three schools. The process with Kentucky depends on how long before they get a coach but the other three schools (Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Maryland) I feel good about."

    Is Someone Telling You Things About Kentucky From The Inside?

    "No, it's just what I get from the news. I guess they're talking about Billy Donovan and that's who they want but you never know.

    If Tubby Smith Was The Head Coach At Kentucky Would They Have Gotten You?

    "They would have had a great shot."

    If You Had To Decide Today Could You Do It?

    "No, not right now I couldn't. Right now there's so much going on with Kentucky. Oklahoma State, I know them. My brother went there. They're process is different from the other schools. There's not a lot they can tell me or show me I don't already know.

    Oklahoma is heading in another direction. I love Blake and they've got a great recruiting class. Maryland, my father went there. I just don't feel comfortable (enough) right now."

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