Only A Decision Remains For Ebi

One of the biggest names in the 2002 recruiting game recently completed all of his scheduled visits. All that's left for Houston's Ndudi Ebi is a decision.

Ebi In No Hurry

One of the best prospects in the Class of 2003, has already completed his scheduled list of visits. But, the news on Ndudi Ebi right now is that there really isn't any news at all.

"There's nothing new," Ebi said Sunday night. Currently, his list includes all three schools that he visited – Duke, Texas, Arizona – and says that he does still like Indiana though he has no visit set up with the Hoosiers. "They aren't really pushing for a visit. I haven't talked to them much. To the public eye, you could say that [they are out] but for right now, I'm still waiting."

Ebi contends that he's just not ready to decide. "I'm just going to pray to the Lord for the right time. When I have that gut feeling I'll do it." And when he does, you can expect it'll be a big deal. A prospect of Ebi's stature generally makes pretty good waves in the media. "I'm going to make sure [the announcements] big but I'm not going to worry about that right now."

Here's what Ebi thought about each school after the visit.

Arizona: "The best part was that I enjoyed the time the with the players. It was a good opportunity to play with the guys."

Duke: "I got to know the coaches and see what they were telling me and see their facial expressions. I pretty much knew what I knew going into the visit. They just made themselves more clear.

And On Duke Possibly Adding himself, Humphries and Deng: "I think that's their goal. I think that's always been their goal. Me, I'm going to play. When I go to a school, I'm going to play. It's going to be a no brainer that I'll play so I'm not worried about [playing time]."

Texas: "It was good. I knew a little bit about the school. Once I took the visit, I knew that there was a real interest and they were telling me the truth. They laid out their plan and what they want me to do in their program. They want me to just be out there helping them win."

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