Season Will Be Important To King

The summer of 2002 didn't exactly go the way Anthony Kind had planned. However, he seems to have a new focus and he's looking to impress once the season begins.

Cross Country Is The First Step

Anthony King wasn't happy with his summer. Instead of raising his national reputation and moving into the Top 100, King was saddled with a common illness.

"I was homesick this summer," King said. "If you think about the way my summer went. I went to NC State [camp] and that wasn't bad. I went to the [Nike] All-American Camp. Got home from there and went to Jacksonville, NC. I had a day and half with my mom and then went to Orlando for two weeks with the Gaters."

King's bout with homesickness begs the question: do that mean he can't venture far from home for college? "I don't think so. It's just that I've been away from home but not back to back to back. I had to leave and didn't want to go. I think that's what it all was."

While he was battling his off court issues, his game admittedly struggled. "It didn't go too well. A lot of people didn't think I did too well. I think I could have played better. I didn't play good."

Those who have seen a lot of King are often left craving for him to do more. To dominate, especially at the high school level he's currently playing at. To regain his status in the recruiting world, he knows domination must happen this season. "To get back the top notch schools that saw me before my bad summer, I'm going to have to do that."

For King, the first step is conditioning. Currently, he's running cross country. If he sticks with it throughout the fall, he should be in excellent condition for the upcoming basketball season.

While many of his peers are lining up official and in-home visits, King is plugging away in the gym, eager for the season to begin. A fall signing doesn't look to be in his cards. "I'm going to wait. I'll see how the season goes. More than likely I'm going to play well. That's just a given. I'll see who comes back and see who is new. I'll see who wants me during the season and who may not want me anyone."

Right now, he's a man without a list of schools; a rarity these days. "To tell you the truth, I don't have a list anymore. I think I'm just going to start a new list. Everyone is open to me and I'm still looking."

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