In-Homes Are Final Step

David Padgett is one of 9 players ranked among our preseason Top 15 prospects that have yet to pick a school. However, Padgett is coming down the home stretch in his recruitment.

Home Visits Finish Off Process

David Padgett has Kansas in his home on Tuesday, North Carolina on Wednesday and Arizona on Thursday. Next Thursday, Stanford completes his in-home visit process.

The Reno star is an interesting case study. From what we can tell, he's the fastest player, under the new rules, to take four visits. While guys are just starting their official visits, because Padgett took advantage of the new rule allowing juniors to venture out officially, he needed just a trip this month to UNC to complete his four visit schedule. With his visits complete and having gathered tons of information about the schools, what purpose will the in-home visits serve?

"I don't know," Padgett said. "I don't think I'll try and accomplish anything [with them]. I know pretty much what I need to know. It's the final chance for them to tell me want they need to tell me and for my parents to ask questions."

Padgett would like to decide within the next month. But, right now, he doesn't even have the four schools in rank order. "Once I get these in-homes done then I'll do that."

He says the process hasn't been too bad and while he thinks about schools, it's not taking up his entire slate of time. "I think about [committing] but I figure ‘what's the hurry?' There's really no reason to rush it."

Try telling that to the coaches and fans of the four schools who anxiously await any news from one of the nation's most coveted big men.

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