49ers Snare Midwest Guard

Bobby Lutz and the Charlotte 49ers have struck again. In addition to Martin Iti, they have added a junior college combo guard to their haul.

From Michigan To Charlotte

Marcus Bennett, a 6-3 guard out of Schoolcraft Junior College committed to Charlotte Tuesday night.

"I think it's a good situation for Marcus," Schoolcraft coach Carlos Briggs said. "The program is one of the Top 40 in the country. It's a place where Marcus will have some success. It's a win-win for everybody."

Once Bennett arrives in Charlotte in the fall of 2003, he'll be ready for Division I basketball having traveled a unique odyssey the past two years. In 2001, he signed with Michigan out of Detroit's Renaissance High. However, his test score was flagged and he withdrew. He then came to Schoolcraft but didn't play last season.

Bennett will play this year and have three seasons remaining at Charlotte. "He'll be a combo. He'll start off at the two and play some one during the course of the game," Briggs said of how he'll be used on the junior college level.

UAB, Iowa State, Nebraska, Wyoming and Kansas State made pitches to Bennett but it was Charlotte that made the lasting impression. "I just think so highly of them and we teach our guys to go with people you trust and good people. Rob [Moxley] did a great job and then Bobby [Lutz] came in and was great too."

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