Steele Likes To Have Options

Andrew Steele, a finalist for Mr. Basketball in the state of Alabama, shared his thoughts about his recruitment, his style and his brother with

The Steele Family knows guards. Three years ago, Ronald Steele won back-to-back Mr. Basketball titles in his home state. Now, Andrew Steele is on the scene are forging his own identity as a guard.

The 6-foot-3 Birmingham (Ala.) John Carroll junior is different than his brother. How? He's more versatile in the backcourt.

"I think I'm bigger than he was at my age," Andrew Steele said. "He was more of a point guard. I have an advantage over him because he was small. Some think I can play the two because of that. He was smaller."

Either flavor of the Steele family will do. Andrew the combo, Ron the point, both outstanding players and prospects. Long term, Andrew sees himself like his brother, with the ball in his hands. "Every coach I talk to wants me to play point guard. I don't know if that'll change but that's what they're recruiting me as right now."

And where does he think he's most effective? "It depends on the situation," Steele said. "If they need me to score I'm more comfortable at the two. If I need to get people involved I can do that to."

One area in which he's never failed to score comes in the classroom. Steele carries a rock solid 4.1 GPA. Mix in the academics with the talent and ability and he's easily one of the most recruitable guards in America. However, there's one issue there: most feel like he's going to follow his brother to Tuscaloosa.

"(Ron's) had a good time. I don't pay attention to that (Alabama talk). He likes it down there but I want to go where I'm comfortable at. He and I like a lot of the same things. If he likes it down there I'm pretty sure I would too."

Steele asserts that Kansas and Tennessee have also offered him. He's trying to remain open-minded about the process and leave his recruiting options on the table to evaluate while dealing with the perception that ‘Bama is in the driver's seat.

"I guess logically it would be a good assumption; I'm around them so much I can't help but like it. I haven't shut my mind off to other schools."

Steele isn't opposed to going somewhere and "creating his own mark." If it goes down that way, fine. If he winds up wearing Alabama's colors, he's got no issue with that either.

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