Roe Makes It Official

Delvon Roe's recruitment took on a twist in the final weeks leading up to the decision. The Lakewood (Ohio) St. Edward junior is officially off the board.

In one of the more dramatic recruitments this year, Delvon Roe is ready to announce his decision. In an exclusive interview, Roe gave a behind-the-scenes look into his recruitment and released his final destination.

Delvon Roe's recruitment certainly didn't turn out the way most expected. Since the start of his recruitment, Roe expressed his affection for North Carolina, but the 6-foot-8, 220-pound power forward experienced a change of heart.

"I decided that I'm going to play basketball at Michigan State," Roe said by phone.

What happened? Why the sudden change? Well, apparently it was something the Lakewood (OH) St. Edward standout had been thinking about for a while.

"It has been hitting me for a while and I just didn't know how to say it. I got caught up in all of the North Carolina stuff and that I was getting recruited by North Carolina because it's a great program."

"I wasn't looking at the big picture and what school fit me as a player and as an individual. I felt like Michigan State could do that more than any other school that I was picking from."

Roe Attacks Strong (Hawkins)
In January, speculation circulated that Roe was leaning towards North Carolina. By March, it was common knowledge that's 5th best player wanted to be a Tar Heel, but all of that changed quickly.

"I was leaning towards North Carolina a lot," Roe admitted. "But my heart was telling me Michigan State. At the end of the day I had to go where my heart told me because that's where I'm going to be playing my four years in college."

"My family and I had a lot of doubts about North Carolina. Playing time wasn't really an issue, but it was and that was brought up. It was basically I didn't feel that connection that I feel with Michigan State."

Last Monday evening after meeting with his family and coach, Roe made his final decision and called both parties involved. As most would expect, both coaches were surprised.

"He was very, very shocked," Roe said of Izzo. "He felt that they were out of the picture. I think he thought I was packed, sealed and delivered to North Carolina."

"I told him that I had a change of heart and I had to follow my heart and do what my heart told me to do and I always thought Michigan State was the best place for me, I just didn't know how to say it."

Credit Michigan State and assistant Dwayne Stephens as they never stopped recruiting the potential McDonald's All-American. Coach Tom Izzo continued to build a relationship with Roe and it paid off.

"I have a great relationship with Coach Izzo – it's almost like he's not my coach but like a father figure in my life. He's always been there and he always will be there for me and I want to play for him so bad."

"I feel like I'm the type of player that belongs at Michigan State. I feel like I can play with Coach [Tom] Izzo and I feel like that's the type of coach for me. I always get the best out of my abilities with a coach that's really going to get up in me."

Roe joins Milwaukee (WI) Pius XI standout Korie Lucious as the only two members of Michigan State's 2008 class thus far. However, it wasn't just Lucious that sold the program to him. It was Michigan State's 2007 class that made the biggest impression.

"That was really a main thing for me, the ‘07 and ‘08 class. In the ‘07 class, I know everyone going there and I just feel very, very comfortable with all of the players that are going there and I really want to play with them."

While Roe still has a whole year of high school left, he's already looking forward to making an impact for the Spartans.

"I think I'm going to be thrown into the fire right away and I'm going to get to play a lot of minutes there. If I go in there and handle business like I should, and with the team that we'll have there in 2009, [we] will be in Final Four contention and I think we can compete to win a national championship."

Roe, who averaged 22 points and 10 rebounds for the Eagles this season, is playing with the King of the Court this spring and summer on the club circuit. He also plans to attend USA Basketball, the Nike Vince Carter Skills Camp, and the LeBron James All-American Camp this summer.

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