Lickliter Locks Down First Recruit

Jeff Peterson is a Hawkeye. After a compelling pitch from Todd Lickliter, the news is out and Peterson's off the market.

There was a good chance Jeff Peterson was going to play at Iowa whether it was Steve Alford or Todd Lickliter. During his official visit to Iowa, Peterson made as much of an impression on the Hawkeyes athletic department as they did on him.

"Jeff evidently, when he visited and Coach Alford was there, they were really impressed with him," DeMatha Catholic coach Mike Jones. "He was in constant contact with the athletic director. In most situations the A.D. wouldn't do that. He kept saying that he wanted him to come there. They stayed in contact. Jeff always had information.

"Once Coach Lickliter took the job, a few calls were made. Then, according to Coach Lickliter, the first thing he did when he took the job was come see Jeff Peterson."

Peterson was out an about in terms of his college selection. He looked strongly at St. Louis before Brad Soderberg was fired and had once been committed to Princeton.

However, it'll be Iowa next season where he'll take a 13.5 point per game average. This past year for DeMatha he came close to breaking a record. Jones said his leader averaged 7 dimes a night before tailing off at season's end and coming up short.

"He was definitely our team leader all year long. His backup was hurt for the most part of the season and he really had to shoulder a big load for us."

And what did the DeMatha coach think of the new Iowa skipper's recruiting pitch? "He came in and was low key," the Stags coach said. "He didn't make promises, he came with just facts. As a high school coach I'm sitting there just trying to learn from him. I've never been more impressed with a coach the first time I met him."

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