Green Prefers To Stay Close

JaMychal Green, ranked among the Top 15 players in the nation by, is thinking about playing within the borders of his home state.

One of the elite players in the nation, JaMychal Green, comes from Birmingham (Ala.) St. Jude. The 6-foot-8 power forward is off to a tremendous start to his spring AAU season following a "Mr. Basketball" nod in Alabama.

However, no matter what he accomplishes this spring and summer, a stinging defeat to end his high school season will continue to resonate with him. "We got to the championship game and we was up by 20," Green said. "We got undisciplined and stopped listening to our coach. Players started doing what they wanted to do. We lost the lead, couldn't get it back and lost the championship."

Even after putting up 25 points, 16 boards and 7 rejections, Green feels like there's room for improvement, not to mention a title to be had as a senior. "I can play better," Green said. "There's always room for improvement. On this (AAU) team I rebound and block shots. If I don't do my job, we probably lose."

The Alabama Challenge didn't lose many at the Boo Williams Invitational a few weeks ago. They did bow out to Athletes First courtesy late game heroics by 2009 stud Xavier Henry.

It comes as no big surprise that Green is a coveted player. Alabama and Auburn, he says, are on him harder than anyone else. "I want to stay near home. I'm sure (where) but I don't want to go farther away."

Should he stray from the borders of ‘Bama, Florida, Georgia Tech and Virginia are in the mix. "I'm still open. I'm just confused. My high school coach is going to help me make my decision."

So far, Green's having a blast and a time will come when he devotes himself to the recruiting process but it doesn't appear to be now. "All these schools, you have to find which is the best for you. Find which can get you where you want to go. If you don't make it, can they help you get a good job and have a good life?"

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