Looks Like Pitt, Smells Like Pitt

If it looks like Pittsburgh and smells like Pittsburgh, it's probably Pittsburgh. Xaverian big man Chris Taft say he hasn't committed yet, but he wants to soon.

Pittsburgh Likely To Gain Commitment

Chris Taft isn't going to surprise anyone when he makes his college decision. At least he would have you believe he's not going to surprise anyone.

"I haven't made a decision," Taft said. "I'm going to do it by next week." Taft said he's considering Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Indiana. He's already visited the Panthers. "I plan on doing it by next week so I'm not going to take any visits. I'm going to talk to head coaches and go by my instincts."

Anyone wish to bet against the Panthers, who had him on campus in June and there are no official visits scheduled?

"When I took this visit [to Pittsburgh] it was great. I'm going there again for Midnight Madness. Then, I'll really get the feel for Pitt. For right now, Pitt is in the lead."

OK, let's recap. He wants to decide next week. He has no official visits set up. He really likes Pittsburgh. He's going back in October. Welcome to Pantherland, Chris.

" If something changes then obviously I can't go to Midnight Madness at Pitt."

Taft admitted that he's not married to a decision and could commit to a school other than Pittsburgh without a recent visit. "Anything is possible. Not a lot of players [commit without visiting]. I'm trying to do it early so I can focus more on my SAT. I'm really trying to get the state championship. I just want to focus on the basketball team."

In his own words, Chris Taft is leaning to Pittsburgh. Now, we'll wait until next week to see exactly what he does with the situation.

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