King James: Day 2 Rundown

AKRON, Ohio – Saturday afforded us the chance to see a diverse group of players plus check in on some talented freshman at the King James Shooting Stars Classic!

William Buford, SG, Greyhounds – This is one of those guys who excelled at a young age, and to his credit, won the battle with "Father Time." Year in and year out he's been among the top at his position and we don't see that changing this spring. In the game we caught Buford dropped 25 points and you'd swear he didn't take 5 shots.

Kenny Kadji, C, Fla. Rams – One of our favorite long term post players in the class showed flashes in the morning. The context in watching isn't necessarily what he does now but rather what he's capable of going down the road. We feel confident that he's making gradual strides and shows you great hands and the ability to rebound out of his area. By summer's end he should be able to cement himself as one of the best prospects at his position.

Green Steadily Improving
Draymond Green, PF, The Family – When guys make the kind of strides with his game like he's experienced, history tells us to take notice and insert him into the Top 100 quickly. Frankly, he's not anywhere near the condition they'll get him in college and he's still able to get it done. Tough from mid-range and in, Green will also battle at the rim and has The Family deep in the playoffs.

Jared Swopshire, SF, Fla. Rams – A subpar Kingwood performance left everyone scratching their heads. Saturday morning's game, especially the first half, had any fence sitters squarely back on his side. For segments he showed his capabilities – jump shots from different spots, offensive rebounding. The goal is being consistently competitive and he'll win over everyone.

Devin Ebanks, SF, Team Truth – At the end of the day with Ebanks you can always come back to one basic truth: he's got some things in his game that others can't do. Smooth on the perimeter, he's a 6-8 handler, scorer and rebounder. As far as prospects and potential go, it's really up to him.

Dee Bost, PG, Raptors – Likely to be a post-graduate recruit, the MVP of the state football and basketball championships is transforming himself into a higher level recruit. The Pitt adidas team didn't have anyone to check him and he went to work. Bost finished with 17 on 7-for-11 from the field. If he doesn't qualify late he'll be a Patterson or Hargrave kid.

Flenard Whitfield, PF, The Family – We had no idea he could face and make short and mid-range shots. We're guessing few others did either and this weekend has served as an eye opener. We expect top mid-level programs to enter the mix, especially if his upswing continues.

Richard Howell, SF, WW Renegades Orange – When he gets all 6-7 of that athletic and strong frame going he's a menace. We like how he seems to play with a little nasty streak. His approach is that he should get a touch every possession and if it doesn't come his way he has no problem going and getting it off the glass. That's two consecutive strong weekends for the big fella. 22 in the first playoff contest.

Tyler Griffey, PF, Gateway – His team eventually succumbed to the overwhelming talent of the Renegades and Griffey finished with 11. Forget the stats and the loss as something else stood out. Griffey staked his claim to turf inside and battled for it. There was a competitive element to his game that you had to respect.

Earnest Ross, SG, CPS – During a second half run, Ross went to work and found his rhythm from the perimeter. He stroked a few 3s and made plays going to the rim off the bounce. As he rounds out his game he'll want to develop a comfort zone as a passer and find out that he doesn't need his dribble to make plays all the time. Loves to play in attack mode.

Eric Murphy, PF, NE Playaz – Heard a lot about him and finally got to see what the buzz is. At 6-foot-9, he's a solid finisher with a long frame. Like a lot of kids his age strength is needed but possesses a natural scoring touch inside and maybe even facing to mid-range.

Ohio's Next 2010 Stud
Jared Sullinger, PF, All-Ohio – We don't throw the term "beast" around much, but it definitely applies to this young gun.

Some likened him to a young Al Horford but we think he's similar to Richard Hendrix at the same stage. He's 6-foot-6 and not afraid of contact. He lives in Columbus and he's on Thad Matta's personal hitlist; you do the math.

Mississippi State was in the gym bright and early Saturday morning for Dee Bost. They offered last week and so did Miami-FL. Bost says there's a shot he qualifies but most feel like he's prep school-bound and his recruitment will open up in a big way after that. … VCU's Anthony Grant laid eyes on Petey Hausley. Appalachian State was also chasing him. … Kenny Kadji drew Billy Donovan, South Florida's Stan Heath and Florida State's Leonard Hamilton bright and early. …

Ebanks Draws Crowd
Devin Ebanks was watched by Miami head coach Frank Haith and assistants from Indiana and Rutgers. … Sophomore Tyler Griffery drew Illinois head coach Bruce Weber, SIU's Chris Lowery and an assistant from Missouri. … Darius Miller drew West Virginia's Bob Huggins, Donovan and an assistant from Kentucky. …

This is interesting. Cottrill, whose father played football at West Virginia, has an offer from the Mountaineers plus a reported offer from Florida. Thad Matta, Billy Donovan, Huggins and assistants from Kentucky, Minnesota, Xavier and Indiana made stops by to see him. … Speaking of freshmen, Ohio State had 3 guys, including the head coach, at Sullinger's final game. …

Draymond Green's late night crowd included Memphis' John Calipari, Tubby Smith, Boston College's Al Skinner and an assistant from Kentucky. …

CP3's C.J. Harris indicated that Wake Forest, Connecticut, South Carolina, Elon and Tennessee were marking him. … NE Playaz forward Andrew Van Nest is trying to play himself into offers from Stanford, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Boston College and Georgetown. … Flenard Whitfield has Xavier, Central Michigan and Kansas State tracking him. … Playground Warriors guard Kwamain Mitchell has an offer from Western Michigan plus interest from Washington State and more offers from Loyola, Northern Iowa and Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Petey Hausley is on the verge of receiving some nice mid-major offers. Not a skilled 6-6, he brings a warrior's mentality and the Raptors were a tough team with him on the floor. … Shavon Shine of the Fla. Rams has shot the ball well in consecutive weekends. … Christian Morris dunked his way to double-digits as he scored on nearly every opportunity created for him. … C.J. Harris, a sophomore, is transforming his game from scoring guard to point man and drew compliments for his play over two days. …

We didn't see the game but they'll be talking about Kenny Boynton for a while in Akron. Apparently he went for 35 and drilled a shot late in the game as guys were draped all over him. A reported phantom foul helped King of the Court in a big way. … Freshman Noah Cottrill is a player. The 5-foot-11 guard is being hailed as the next Brett Nelson to come out of West Virginia. … Big day for Florida Rams wing Rayford Shipman who got off for big numbers twice. …

"Don't worry, if they haven't (offered) they're going to in about 10 minutes!"

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