King James: Day 3 Rundown

AKRON, Ohio – The Georgia Stars were crowned champions at the King James Shooting Stars Classic. Despite a huge day from Delvon Roe, the Georgia boys did it big in Akron.

The King James Shooting Stars title game, broadcast on regional television, matched a pair of teams with stud players. The Georgia Stars, led by ace Al-Farouq Aminu defeated D-One Greyhounds and's 12th ranked prospect William Buford.

The grueling playoff slate culminated with the Stars taking home the title with a 56-52 victory. Small forward Travis Leslie keyed the Stars with 15 points. His energy and athleticism played a big part in the win. His tip-dunk in the semifinals knocked out Delvon Roe's King of the Court squad.

Aminu was held to 7 points in the championship game while Buford pumped in a game-high 18.

Delvon Roe, PF, King of the Court – His club flirted with elimination twice on Sunday. A potential buzzer-beating shot by Triple Threat was waived off in the quarters before Leslie dunked them in the semis. As for Roe, he was sensational in his first game with 28 then followed it up with a stellar effort against Aminu when he went for 20. The motor never ceases and his ability to rebound and finish in tight quarters remains a crucial piece of his game.

William Buford, SG, Greyhounds – Of all the big time wings in the class, Buford seems to receive the least ink and that's not his fault. Over the course of 3 days he cemented his status as a bucket maker capable of putting a team on his back and winning games.

Roe Emptied His Tank
Olu Ashaolu, PF, Grassroots Canada – This is a solid high-major prospect. He's been on the radar (prominent on the radar) since his freshman season. Saddled with enormous expectations he's settled into a comfortable role as a power forward who does the dirty work and plays to mid-range. Thought he showed lots of guts on Sunday and did an excellent job of sticking with his game and playing to his strengths. This is a case where the expectations may have been too high early but that shouldn't diminish the quality contributor he is at the high-major level.

Devoe Joseph, SG, Grassroots Canada – After a strong Pittsburgh Jam Fest, Joseph continued to play his hot hand in Akron. He's a very good prospect who scores the ball from various spots on the floor and might be able to serve as a secondary handler in college. One college coach referenced him as the "Canadian Mike Rosario" and that's the perfect comparison.

Robert Wilson, SG, King of the Court – A few weeks ago at the Boo Williams, aliens abducted the mid-major prospect and re-wired him. The being they returned to earth looks more along the lines of a late blooming high-major wing. In the game we saw he certainly looked like a Big Ten wing and we think that happens later in the week. Still with plenty of work to do, but it could be happening at warp speed.

Chris Braswell, PF, Triple Threat – This young man has ridden the prospect roller coaster as long as anyone. On Sunday morning, Braswell showed what he's capable of doing. In a high-level game he stood his ground, made some shots and even blocked one attempt to force overtime. Sometimes he gets going to fast and heaves the ball at the hoop rather than take the time to gather himself and make the right play. We've always liked him and seen the long term talent and it'll be up to him to put the pieces together.

Wilson May Be Big Time
Jamil Wilson vs. Jeronne Maymon – Two of the elite prospects from Wisconsin played against each other. Maymon is the physical potential combo forward. Wilson has a chance to be a monster. He showed a live body, a potential inside/outside package and the look of an elite guy at his power forward position. Score this round to Mr. Wilson who would appear to be the more versatile long term prospect.

This is what's cool about AAU events. When you can see two of the best players from one state on the same court, that's huge. It's an environment that simply can't be replicated often enough in terms of being able to paint pictures of players.

On Wednesday, wing Robert Wilson is going to have a press conference. Barring divine intervention, he'll commit to Wisconsin which stirs up a thought. If Wilson truly fits into the late bloomer category, can you guess other late-blooming Wisky signees? How about Devin Harris and Alando Tucker? Food for thought.

Ashaolu Is Rock Solid
Devoe Joseph had offers from Minnesota, Washington State and Duquesne at the beginning of the month. At the close of the calendar, he's fielding calls from Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh, Kentucky and St. John's. … Olu Ashaolu is hearing from a slew of programs: Duquesne, Rutgers, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Syracuse, St. John's, LSU and USC. …

Darius Miller isn't about to tip his cap at all. His list: Florida, Illinois, Cincinnati, Xavier, Kentucky, Louisville, Cincinnati, Miami and Clemson. There's a strong chance we missed a few. … Dominic Cheek, a junior with the Playaz, is interested in Florida, Rutgers, LSU, Seton Hall and Maryland. …

Really liked how Jason Clark competed at both ends for Triple Threat. … Triple Threat's C.J. Garner was tough all game long. He made one turnover late which could have been avoided but he's got the mid-major programs attention. … Kenny Frease turned in a stronger body of work here than at Boo Williams and drew praise for his efforts. …

Westchester Hawks power forward Kevin Jones is bulking up. He's approaching 6-foot-8 and his upper body looks stronger. … Darius Miller gave everyone glimpses into his talent. Everyone in the gym is well aware of his capabilities should he assert himself in a big way in the future. … Westchest Hawks guard Tyshawn Taylor, a 2007 prospect, can be a high-major guard and word is he's recruitable now. …

Forget text messaging even though it's the hot-button topic of the day in college basketball. The invention with the most impact on college basketball the last 5 years is the navigational system. Bouncing from gym to gym used to be a Mapquest-filled disaster. …

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